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Week That Was: 8th December

Week That Was: 8th December

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Top Stories

HTC Vive Focus Headset Gets China Release Date

New standalone VR headset released in Asia in the new year, pre-orders open next week.

Sony’s New Trial Program Is Next Push For PS VR

Further signs of continued commitment to console VR as consumers can demo PlayStation VR and Skyrim at home for two weeks – free!

Rift Core Overhaul Arrives With 2.0 Update

The next update to the Oculus Rift will bring significant changes to the UI, Store and Home this week.



Vacation Simulator Announced At The Game Awards 2017

Owlchemy Labs’ first game under Google takes players out of the office and on holiday – on PS VR, Rift and Vive.

Resident Evil 7 Best VR/AR At The Game Awards

Popular horror series wins best game experience in VR/AR, ahead of a strong shortlist of contenders.

Accounting+ Coming to PS VR

Rick and Morty co-creator, Justin Roiland, lends his voice to the upcoming game, set to release this December.

Female-Focused Flutter VR Experience Launches Next Week

New Zealand studio to release, “Unapologetically a game made for women”.

TPCAST Brings Wireless VR Solution For Oculus Rift To Europe.

New wireless adapter frees Rift owners from the tangle of tethered cables.

Czech Company Offers New 5K OLED VR Headset

The displays offer 40% more pixels compared to Apple’s Super Retina display on the iPhone X.

US County Settles Battle Over AR Games

Wisconsin county will pay attorney fees for Californian-based developer that challenged AR permit requirement.

Oculus Patents Curved Screen For VR

An official filing details plans to create new Virtual Reality hardware with a curved display panel and larger field of view.

Oculus Celebrates One Year Of Touch With Flash Sale

Up to 75% discounts on popular VR games and apps. Today only!

Google Introduces Foveation Pipeline for XR

Rendering technique takes advantage of human characteristics to offer increased visual fidelity during VR and AR experiences.

Nobel Media And HTC Vive Announce Nobel Prize Partnership

The two have partnered to create the first VR experience for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine.

Creative Software Developer, Foundry, Launches 360 VR Plug-in

Cara VR 2.0, the new toolset offers improved stitching and stabilisation for more efficient 360 Virtual Reality creation.

Ubisoft Seeks Mobile AR For Start-up Campus

The gaming giant will work closely with VR/AR groups at the Station F campus for start-ups.

French Airline Offers VR In-flight Entertainment

Joon will launch a new Virtual Reality headset for immersive experiences in the sky.

Google Adds In-VR API To Poly Asset Library

Plug-In streamlines XR workflow, aims to encourage more developers to use the platform and create content for Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Huawei’s New VR Controller Sighted In FCC Listings

Speculation regarding Huawei launching a Virtual Reality headset finds new ground as XR controller officially filed with the FCC.

Haptic Controller To Debut With LA Justice League Experience

Tactical Haptics will showcase new controllers at the IMAX VR Centre in Los Angeles, California.

BBC To Launch New VR Hub

British broadcaster believes it can help bring Virtual Reality into the mainstream.

Oculus Patents Curved Screen For VR

Interviews And Opinion

Women In VR – A Brave New World?

The Female Planet’s series director on what motivated her to make the 360-video series, why women are better represented in XR than conventional development and what can be done to ensure more gender parity in the future.

Designing VR For Accessibility

Runaway Play’s heads of VR and Quality Assurance talk about their learnings in accessibility for XR and how early user testing can broaden a game’s potential audience by making sure it’s truly inclusive.

3 Signs That Virtual Reality Has Hit Puberty

Christophe Mallet, co-founder at London immersive tech agency, Somewhere Else, takes a look at XR’s growing pains and growth spurts since the format’s rebirth in 2013.


Data & Research

$1 Billion VR/AR Investment In Last Quarter

Magic Leap and Niantic lead the way, with a total of $702 million invested between them, bringing annual total to $2.5bn.

1 Billion USD VR/AR Investment In Last Quarter


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Start-up Raises $14 Million For Cloud XR Storytelling Platform

Pixvana attracts funding to expand its toolset and support future projects.

Start-up Raises Million For Cloud XR Storytelling Platform


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