Six of the best: November 1st

Six of the best: November 1st

Start your week with a Monday morning briefing of the most read articles from the global VR, AR and MR industry on in the last week:

1) VR 3.0 at 12K is a thing, according to Pimax's Reality Series announcement

Chinese virtual reality hardware manufacturer reveals retina display HMD targeting the metaverse. Official release not expected until Q4 2022.

2) Interview: Varjo on why now is the right time for consumer human eye resolution VR

"We're the only ones that have the balls to put it out!"

3) Facebook Connect 2021: what happened was…

No new VR hardware, but a whole parcel o' metaverse frontiersman talk

4) Snap launches Arcadia, a global creative studio for branded augmented reality

Platform agnostic division aims to set the highest creative and technical standards in the market

5) Magic Leap 2 AR headset revealed in interview with CEO Peggy Johnson

$500m investment to further develop enterprise augmented reality in the metaverse

6) HP's Reverb G2 VR headset just got better

New and improved virtual reality tracking, compatibility, and visual customisation


Six of the rest

These all-time, all-star stories are some of the most popular articles from our archives:

  1. Focal Point: reports of PC VR's death have been grossly exaggerated
  2. State of play: virtual reality in 2021
  3. VR by the numbers - HMD specs comparison
  4. PlayStation VR 2 is Next Gen VR, first specs released
  5. XR headset shipments nearly triple annually in Q1 2021, Quest 2 has sold 4.6m units
  6. Defining Realities: VR, AR And MR explained


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