HTC Vive partners with holoride; private 5G solution; location based entertainment

HTC Vive partners with holoride; private 5G solution; location based entertainment

We've already spoken about HTC Vive's reveal of the Viverse metaverse at this week’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, but the Taiwanese firm had more to share with attendees.

HTC is working with holoride to bring VR entertainment to car passengers using the Vive Flow headset that was launched in October last year. The partnership is showcasing the ride-ready glasses and in-car VR experience to select guests at MWC 2022 with a drive around Barcelona.

During the ride, passengers will be able to experience holoride’s ‘elastic content’ that is able to match car movement so that experiences like games actually adapt in real-time to route length and type, driving styles and location.

A spokesperson for HTC Vive said, “VIVE Flow is compact and highly portable… Paired with holoride’s impressive tech, you’ll be able to turn car rides into virtual amusement parks. We’re very excited to work with holoride in shaping the future of in-car entertainment for passengers.”

Nils Wollny, CEO and co-founder of holoride added that the company, “Is on a mission to create exciting in-vehicle experiences for passengers to travel the Metaverse, and that starts with putting our technology in the hands – or on the heads – of riders.”

Portable private 5G for business

Also announced today at MWC, HTC's portable private 5G solution – the Reign Foundation - aimed at the enterprise sector. Positing use cases that ranged from employee training to remotely controlling machinery in hazardous environments, Reign is designed to work seamlessly with Open RAN and off-the-shelf hardware. The system was demonstrated with operators driving remote control cars via the network.

Continuing in the enterprise sector, HTC showcased the latest version of OutHere’s training program, ‘Step Into Safety’ on Vive Focus 3 for the first time at MWC.

Back to live

Lastly, HTC revealed three new Location Based Entertainment (LBE) experiences in partnership with Europa Park at MWC, including:

  • Alpha Mods: In the futuristic city of Ultraville, on a planet far from Earth, guests become part of a special police unit. Equipped with state-of-the-art cars, chase criminals on a wild highway
  • Ed & Edda: The Night Crab has stolen a precious magical sceptre and is upsetting everything with his magic. Through magical portals and with flying umbrellas you take up the chase
  • Moon to Mars: Start on a space station enjoying a view of Earth. From here your experience “Moon to Mars” starts and suddenly you find yourself on the red planet...

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