Six Of The Best: 5th March

Six Of The Best: 5th March

Trending Stories - start your week with a Monday briefing of the most read articles from the global VR, AR and MR industry on in the last seven days: 


1) VR And AR Events Industry Trends For 2018

Alon Alroy, Co-Founder and CMO at Bizzabo, the world’s fastest growing event technology company, explores how VR and AR are set to redefine the events industry.

2) Is Snapdragon 845 The Future Of VR?

Qualcomm reveals its next generation chipset and reference standalone headset with Virtual Reality at the top of the agenda.

3) The Best ARCore Apps And Experiments

12 of the most interesting proof of concept AR projects and work in progress from indie devs, students and games jams that point to a diverse future for Augmented Reality.

4) VR Analytics Firm Closes $7bn Series B Funding

Pasadena Virtual Reality big data visualisation start-up targets further Fortune 500 customers.

5) British Videogames Industry's £5.11bn Revenue In 2017

New UKIE research shows VR hardware sector beat industry average growth, helped grow other sectors.

6) Experience Ready Player One In VR At SXSW

HTC Vive holding special event giving showgoers the chance to step into Wade Watts' OASIS Virtual Reality.


Six Of The Rest

These all-time all-star stories are some of our most popular articles ever:

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  4. Feature: The Best Apple ARKit Test Projects [UPDATE: 4th August] 
  5. Videos: VR University Sessions At VR Connects San Francisco 2017 
  6. News: VR Indie Pitch San Francisco Winners 
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