CES: InWith showcases new contact lens augmented reality displays

CES: InWith showcases new contact lens augmented reality displays

At CES 2022, InWith Corp. is showing off what may be the most technologically progressive device for viewing virtual worlds. The new wearable is an electronic soft contact lens that InWith plans to release to the public.

This device was made with comfort and ease in mind and will allow for smooth transitioning between reality and the metaverse. InWith plans to release the electronic contact lens after receiving FDA approval which the company predicts it will achieve this year.

InWith’s futuristic contact lens will allow 'tunable vision' and 'augmented vision' through mobile devices. These technologies are lucrative markets on their own. However, the endgame is to use the electronic soft contact lens as a fully immersive gateway to the metaverse. Ideally, this lightweight technology will allow users to seamlessly and inconspicuously flit between viewing the metaverse and the real world.

Currently, the company is working with some fortune 500 companies to release early iterations of the lens to the market this year. Hundreds of patents back the product.

Metaverse Wearable: Stretchable Electronic Circuitry

Experts predict the metaverse to be a trillion-dollar industry. InWith’s new metaverse wearable will allow developers to integrate augmented vision display chip applications with any soft hydrogel contact lens.

In 2020, InWith displayed stretchable electronic circuitry imposed into popular contact lenses. Pioneering this technology, InWith has also patented techniques for integrating circuits and solid components into the hydrogel materials used in contact lenses. The company achieves this integration by allowing materials to expand and contract during manufacturing.

Using this breakthrough tech, developers can use metaverse visual applications to improve sight for sufferers of Myopia and Presbyopia. InWith is, at once, paving the way for future breakthroughs in eyesight and metaverse technology. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.