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Deloitte launches Unlimited Reality, an experience and impact offering for virtual worlds

Deloitte launches Unlimited Reality, an experience and impact offering for virtual worlds

Global financial service company Deloitte has launched its new Unlimited Reality offering to help clients harness next generation strategies, tools, and technologies to create and connect virtual worlds for industrial, workplace, enterprise, and consumer contexts.

The new Dimension10 Studio provides both a physical and virtual destination, an innovation space where Deloitte professionals and clients can develop and test virtual worlds powered by technologies such as AI, blockchain and AR/VR.

This program extends Deloitte's collaboration with NVIDIA, including the Center for AI Computing and the Omniverse Enterprise platform for 3D design collaboration and virtual world simulation.

Unlimited Reality is designed to help clients understand and capitalise on the next massive wave disrupting business and society, and to equip executives with the strategies, tools and technologies they need to fully exploit virtual worlds and virtual economies. It provides guidance for businesses on how to transform industrial operations through physically-accurate digital twins, to monetise digital assets and engage customers using Web3 architectures, and to imagine and optimise new workplace models that combine humans and machines.

Dan Helfrich, chairman and CEO at Deloitte said, "We are excited to launch Deloitte's Unlimited Reality Offering and the Dimension10 Studio to help our clients take advantage of the exponential growth in virtual worlds and economies. There is huge potential for digital realms to benefit business and society at large and we are pleased to offer access to connected virtual worlds that may exceed the economics of our current physical economy."

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