The Virtual Report’s Vision

The Virtual Report’s Vision

The Virtual Report is the global VR industry’s premier destination for the latest news, expert opinion and resources.

Integral To The Industry
The Virtual Report is a trusted source for the latest industry news, overview and insight. We report the news and publish expert opinion; we don’t do reviews. We combine coverage of the latest hardware and software innovations with market trend data and analysis, forecasts and comment from key industry figures. The Virtual Report is integral to the VR industry.

Passion And Professionalism
We publish this site because we’re passionate about VR and you can feel that passion in every word. We also insist on high standards of journalism, so The Virtual Report remains balanced and unbiased in all its coverage.

Global Market
We recognise - and champion - the fact that Virtual Reality is a global industry that extends beyond North America and Central Europe. To reflect this, our coverage encompasses territories that are often overlooked by our competitors, such as Scandinavia, Malaysia, China, and India. We’re active in the worldwide VR/AR/MR community, acting as ambassadors for the VR industry at all key events around the globe.

Core Focus – Games And Entertainment
The Virtual Report primarily focuses on the entertainment sector, with an emphasis on VR games. We believe games will be the fastest growing sector for this emerging technology, driven by early adoption by tech savvy consumers hungry for innovation. Games will drive market penetration of VR technology into the mainstream, later offering a broader range of experiences.
Our coverage of VR entertainment in general includes film, TV and experiential apps such as short documentaries, music videos and 360˚ photography. While we’re largely focused on Virtual Reality (60%), we also cover Augmented Reality (25%) and Mixed Reality (15%).

What We Don’t Do
We don’t cover specialist or niche industries such as healthcare or military applications, but we will include key stories from such sectors with wider implications for the VR industry in general, as well as the stories that will make our readers say, ‘Wow!’
We acknowledge the valuable contribution that Adult content makes to the VR industry in general and report on key developments in the sector, but we won’t recommend Adult experiences or describe them in detail.

Who We Are
The Virtual Report is part of the Steel Media family and fully support all its websites and live events. We communicate with and contribute to the world of, as well as help create, run and grow our PG and VR Connects events, VR Mixers and VR Indie Pitch sessions.

In addition to the names above, we'll be calling on a team of respected analysts and writers to ensure our coverage is as deep and wide-ranging as possible.

The legal bit:

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