Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie Recognised for Paving the Way for Modern VR Advancements with ‘Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement’ Award

Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie Recognised for Paving the Way for Modern VR Advancements with ‘Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement’ Award

The Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR) unveiled the recipient of this year’s ‘Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement’ award winner: Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie, artist, educator, scientist and widely known as a pioneer in virtual reality (VR) and the delivery of meaningful and innovative experiences. Jacquelyn will accept the award at a live ceremony on Dec. 1, 2022 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

The highest accolade given by AIXR, the Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement Award celebrates pioneers who have made outstanding contributions towards the future of VR. Nominations and judging for this award follow a rigorous process, with finalists selected by a dedicated steering committee and the winner chosen based on impact to the industry and positive influence on future generations. The previous recipient of this award was Tom Furness, immersive pioneer and founder of Virtual World Society.

Dr. Jacquelyn Ford Morie on accepting the Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement Award: ”Sometimes life, as you are living it, takes twists and turns you never expect. This is especially true if you are following your bliss, as Joseph Campbell advises us to do. My path was lucky enough to have included roads that led to early computer graphics as well as being able to discover how to make those into engaging and meaningful virtual reality experiences. In the end, we are each composed of atoms and energy, experiences and memories.

And being able to make such wondrous constructs that enable deep memories with immersive technology has been one of the joys of my artistic career. I hope my receiving this award inspires even more creators to make wondrous works in the new immersive media, taking them to the next stage of their evolution.“

Daniel Colaianni, AIXR chief executive commented: “We are very proud to recognise Dr Jacquelyn Morie with such a prestigious award. Jacquelyn is a highly regarded immersive pioneer for experiences we know and love today, and we are confident that their recognition will inspire the next generation of doers and makers to break new ground and change the way the world experience the metaverse.”

In its sixth year, the VR Awards - the largest global awards ceremony for the VR community – for the first time in history will be celebrated in person in collaboration with Immersive Tech Week, formerly known as VRDays Europe, access tickets for ITW here.