Every game featured in the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

Every game featured in the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

October's Facebook Connect event - pre-rebrand, remember - may have been notable for being almost entirely devoid of games, but Meta has just redressed the balance with the Quest Gaming Showcase 2022

We noted a large number of sequels in the showcase, but where that may have drawn inward groans had it been a console event, we actually see it as further establishing VR IP as the fledgling sector matures. With many lessons learned from the first time around, we expect this next generation of software to be even more immersive, accessible and attention-grabbing than ever.

See what Meta's VP, Metaverse Content Jason Rubin had to say about the Showcase and the wider world of VR in our exclusive interview here. And if you're in the mood for interviews, we had a good chat with Tom Ivey, Lead Producer on Resident Evil 4 VR at Armature Studio about bringing the much-loved Mercenaries mode to Quest 2 here.

And now, the latest information on every game featured in the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022…

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  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution

    Chapter 2: Retribution is the next chapter in The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners storyline and players of the original game will feel the full ripple effect of their previous actions, as new parties rise up to help or hunt them.

    Featuring an original storyline, freedom of choice and visceral combat that the franchise is known for, the game puts players again in the role of the character known as the Tourist, who must fight to keep surviving the flooded ruins of New Orleans, surrounded by unending herds of walkers and torn apart by warfare between the remaining survivors.

    Player decisions will weigh heavily in Chapter 2: Retribution, as the Tourist is once again thrown into a tumultuous situation where they’ll encounter intense challenges and a new, powerful threat, hell-bent on Retribution.

    • Developed by: Skydance Interactive
    • Publisher: Skydance Interactive
    • Genre(s): Survival, Adventure, Horror
    • Platform(s): Quest 2, PCVR (for Rift and Rift 2) Other Platforms to be announced.
    • Players: Single-player
    • Language: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese
    • Release Date: 2022
    • Price: TBD
  • Bonelab

    Bonelab is an action adventure physics game featuring two years of improvement upon the Boneworks physical interaction engine, Marrow. In Stress Level Zero's most ambitious project yet, players will fight, climb, jump, and even alter their form to discover the truth about their reality.

    • Developed by: Stress Level Zero
    • Publisher: Stress Level Zero
    • Genre(s): Action-Adventure
    • Platform(s): PCVR, Quest 2
    • Players: Single
    • Language: English
    • Release Date: 2022
    • Price: TBD
  • NFL Pro Era

    NFL Pro Era is the first fully licensed NFL virtual reality (VR) simulation game that lets players experience what it’s like to compete as the quarterback of their favourite NFL team. Leveraging NFL game data, this is the most authentic and immersive first-person football VR game available.

    Athletes will be able to step under center and see if they have what it takes to compete at the highest level and make the big plays. NFL Pro Era combines innovative technology, data and direct insights from athletes to unlock a unique opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the NFL Metaverse.

    Lead your team to a Super Bowl, improve your QB skills by participating in drills, or play catch virtually with your friends in your favorite NFL stadium. As a NFL QB you’ll feel the excitement of what it’s like to lead your team and compete under the bright lights with thousands of screaming fans. The city is on your shoulders, can you make the

    Developed by StatusPRO, a company founded by athletes with a mission to democratise the professional athlete experience,NFL Pro Era brings fans closer to the gridiron than they've ever been before.

    • Developed by: StatusPRO
    • Publisher: StatusPRO
    • Genre(s): Sports
    • Platform(s): Available on Meta Quest and PlayStation® VR,
    • Language: English
    • Release Date: Fall 2022
  • Among Us VR

    Among Us VR is a party game of teamwork and betrayal. Prepare for departure in this virtual ship but beware the Impostor! Grab your crew and headset to enjoy the VR version of this hit multiplayer game.

    Play online with 4-10 players as you attempt to hold your spaceship together and return to civilization, but keep an eye out as one or more random players among the crew are Impostors bent on sabotaging and killing everyone. Experience all of the same deception and deceit as the original game, but now in your own virtual Skeld!

    Innersloth's Victoria Tran said, "The community drives us to continue to add to the game and try new things, and we can't wait to make the Among Us universe even more immersive for fans by expanding to VR platforms".

    • Developed by: Innersloth LLC, Schell Games, Robot Teddy
    • Publisher: Innersloth LLC
    • Genre(s): Casual, Social
    • Platform(s): Quest 2, Rift/S
    • Players: Multiplayer; 1 to 10 people; 4 is the minimum to play the game and 10 is the max per game
    • Language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese-Traditional, Chinese-Simplified, Japanese, Korean
    • Release Date: Holiday 2022
    • Price: TBD
  • Red Matter 2

    Red Matter 2 picks up right where the first game’s story concluded. After breaking free from the simulation that held your own mind hostage, your first priority is to escape the Atlantic Union’s base. However, you unexpectedly discover a distress signal belonging to an old friend.

    Determined to come to his rescue, you will travel to the farthest reaches of the solar system to find him. During your journey you will unveil Volgravia's darkest secrets and confront the
    unstoppable Red Matter.

    Red Matter 2 introduces new mechanics to expand the existing gameplay into the adventure genre. Not only will you face brand new and challenging puzzles, but thanks to a new jetpack you will be able to traverse the game’s environments more freely than ever before through platforming sections.

    A new tool has been added to the classic loadout that will enable you to hack terminals, as well as a (projectile) weapon that will prove useful in various environmental puzzles and come well in handy when dealing with certain ‘surprises’ that you’re sure to face during your adventures.

    Vertical Robot's Norman Schaar said, “We believe immersion is key, and have therefore developed a fully ‘physicalized’ world to maximise this sense of immersion, while also enabling us to create exciting new gameplay possibilities around it.”

    • Developed by: Vertical Robot
    • Publisher: Vertical Robot
    • Genre(s): Adventure
    • Platform(s): Meta Quest 2
    • Players: Singleplayer
  • Espire 2

    After establishing themselves as a pioneer in the stealth action genre, developer Digital Lode and publisher Tripwire Presents return with Espire 2; the highly anticipated sequel to 2019’s top-selling title Espire 1: VR Operative.

    Set in 2036, Espire 2’s single player campaign sees players step back into the shoes of the Espire Operative, newly codenamed Poe. After awakening from a seven-year coma, Poe again becomes the centerpiece of the Espire project. With the help of two bleeding-edge espionage droids, they embark on a mission to eliminate a global threat imposed by the deadly terrorist group, OPHIS.

    The multiplayer co-op campaign takes place two years prior. Two new Espire operatives must return to Espire 1’s Pleione Base – now entirely mothballed – to follow a trail of intel that kicks off the events of Espire 2.

    Key Features:

    • Immersive single player campaign - take on missions across the globe in sandbox environments designed to allow the player total freedom to approach guns blazing or as quiet as a church mouse, and anywhere in-between.
    • Co-op gameplay campaign - Team up with a fellow operative in a quirky co-op campaign that bridges the gap between Espire 1 and Espire 2.
    • Control multiple Espire frames - Switch between two unique Espire frames; each with their own special abilities, attributes, and strategic benefits for players to discover while playing through both of Espire 2’s campaigns.
    • Unique Gadgets - An entire array of essential tools is now fully integrated into the Espire frames, giving players a large variety of options for handling objectives before they even draw their weapon.
    • Rule the play area - Espire Vision allows you to see through walls, mark the location of enemies, predict patrol paths, and more. Simply raise your hand to your head and squeeze the trigger to activate.
    • Voice commands - Use your voice to distract, hold up and interrogate the enemy. Interrogation commands include “empty your pockets” and “where are your friends?” The game can be played without voice commands, if players prefer. 
    • Cutting-edge graphics and spatial audio that fully realizes the potential of the Quest 2 platform.
    • Stealth AI System rebuilt from the ground up with a focus on core stealth mechanics, enemy engagements and player agency. Bringing even more depth to Espire 2’s variety of gameplay options.
    • Immersion and presence - Thanks to Espire 2’s accurate “arm IK” system, players see their virtual forearms where their real ones would be and experience VR interactions in truly lifelike detail.
    • Comfort Features - Utilizing Quest 2’s additional rendering capabilities, the innovative “Control Theatre” comfort system makes its return in Espire 2. Ensuring the game will be accessible to a wide variety of player comfort preferences by minimizing motion sickness while maintaining full in-game immersion.

    Digital Lode Founder and Game Director Michael Wentworth-Bell said, “We are so excited to finally share a first-ever look at Espire 2, the VR stealth-action sequel of our dreams. Espire 2 would not be possible without the amazing teams at Meta and the Quest 2 platform, or without our continued publishing partnership with Tripwire Presents, who have believed in our vision from the beginning and continue to guide and mentor our studio.

    "Most importantly, this sequel wouldn’t be happening without the incredible community that has supported Espire 1 since its release two years ago. We thank you, and we hope you will enjoy what we have in store.”

    • Developed by: Digital Lode Immersive Media
    • Publisher: Tripwire Presents
    • Genre(s): VR, Action, Stealth, FPS, Multiplayer
    • Platform(s): Quest 2
    • Players: 1-2
    • Language: Voice: English, UI/Subtitles: English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean UI/UX
    • Release Date: Nov 2022
    • Price: $29.99
  • Moss Book II

    Quill is back—and she’s being hunted. Those who seek to unmake this world are desperate for the Glass she holds, and they’ll stop at nothing to claw it from her grasp.

    But the young hero has a plan of her own, one that could finally end the merciless rule of the Arcane and restore peace to Moss once more. To stand a chance, Quill will need a true partner by her side - you. With her, you’ll venture deep inside the hexed castle of the Arcane where dangerous terrain, challenging puzzles, and enemies twisted in fire and steel await.

    The journey will be trying—filled with triumph and heartbreak alike—but new allies, old friends, and the very nature of the castle itself can offer help along the way. Yet in the end, it is you alone who can lift Quill up to save this world, and together, rise to legend.

    Moss: Book II is a single-player action-adventure puzzle game tailor-made for the VR platform. This second instalment of the Moss franchise builds upon the story set forth in the platinum selling Moss, which still ranks as one of the top-rated VR games of all time.

    Revered by players and critics around the world for its intuitive gameplay, creative design, and artistic polish, Moss received more than 80 global industry awards and nominations from notable organisations such as BAFTA, The Game Awards, E3 Game Critics, D.I.C.E., GDC, Golden Joystick, and the Annie Awards.

    • Developed by: Polyarc
    • Publisher: Polyarc
    • Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Puzzle
    • Platform(s): Quest 2
    • Players: 1
    • Language: UI/Voice: English, German, French / Captions: English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Italian, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Spanish (Latin American (Mexico)), Russian, Brazilian Portuguese and Swedish
    • Release Date: Summer 2022
  • RuinsMagus

    In RuinsMagus, you will take on the role of a novice magician recruited to investigate the underground ruins beneath the lush and lively town of Grand Amnis. While deeply shrouded in mystery, it is widely known that the town’s prosperity relies on artifacts hidden deep within the ruins, protected by powerful and fearless Guardians.

    Faced with a daunting challenge, our brave explorers must heed the call and answer the question haunting every one of their fellow citizens: What mysteries and dangers lurk beneath the gilded streets and alleys of Grand Amnis?

    As a member of the renowned RuinsMagus Guild, you’ll grow from a novice wizard into an all-powerful, spell-wielding Magus across 26 narrative-driven Quests featuring the Japanese vocal talents of Naomi Ohzora, Ai Maeda, Eiji Takemoto, and more.

    Unravel the secrets of a lost age. Become the hero of Grand Amnis!

    • Developed by: CharacterBank
    • Publisher: CharacterBank, Mastiff LLC
    • Genres: VR, RPG, Fantasy, Action, First-Person
    • Platforms: Oculus, Steam
    • Players: One-Player
    • Languages: Japanese (Voice and Text), English (Text)
    • Release Date: Later this year
    • Price: TBD
  • Cities: VR

    Be the mayor in Cities: VR, the ultimate VR city-building and management simulator. Design neighborhoods, construct buildings, direct the flow of traffic - all while you handle economics, emergency services, and more. Step inside this VR adaptation of the leading city-builder, Cities: Skylines.

    Linda Kiby Zetterman, Live Producer at Fast Travel Games said, "This game is our VR adaptation of the leading city-building simulation, Cities: Skylines. It keeps the core gameplay elements of the franchise intact, while offering a unique approach to the simulation through VR.

    "While Cities: VR will be limited in terms of size and scale of cities when compared to Cities: Skylines, we feel this game will be a great introduction to the franchise for new players as well as a compelling new experience for Cities veterans."

    • Developed by: Fast Travel Games
    • Publisher: Fast Travel Games
    • Genre(s): City Builder/Management Simulator
    • Platform(s): Meta Quest 2
    • Players: 1
    • Language: English, German, French, LATAM Spanish, Korean, Japanese
    • Release Date: April 28, 2022
    • Price: $29.99/€29.99/£22.99
  • Beat Saber x Electronic Mixtape

    Beat Saber continues to bring fresh music packs to its growing community, now with a new Mixtape with 10 iconic electronic hits, accompanied by a new in-game environment. From the energy and danceability, to the unconventionality of sound, this Mixtape gives electronic music fans a new way to experience the genre.

    Beat Saber is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to slash the beats (represented by small blocks) as they are coming at you. Every beat indicates which saber you need to use and the direction you need to match. All the music is composed to perfectly fit the handmade levels. Each cut is strongly supported by great sound and visual effects to emphasise the rhythm.

    Track List

    • Rudimental, “Waiting All Night” (feat. Ella Eyre)
    • Pendulum, “Witchcraft”
    • Madeon, “Icarus”
    • Deadmau5, “Ghosts 'n' Stuff” (feat. Rob Swire)
    • Marshmello, “Alone”
    • Zedd, “Stay the Night” (feat. Hayley Williams)
    • Darude, “Sandstorm”
    • Fatboy Slim, “The Rockafeller Skank”
    • Bomfunk MC, “Freestyler”
    • Martin Garrix, “Animals”


    • Developed by: Beat Games
    • Publisher: Oculus Studios
    • Genre: Music, Casual
    • Platforms: Quest platforms, Rift, PSVR, Steam
    • Players: Single User, Multiplayer
    • Languages: English, French (France), German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (Chile), Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Mexico), Spanish (Peru), Spanish (Puerto Rico), Spanish (Venezuela)
    • Release Date: TBC
    • Price: Music pack $12.99 (individual titles $1.99 each). The Beat Saber base game is $39.99.
  • Resident Evil 4: The Mercenaries

    The Mercenaries has been entirely rebuilt for VR by Armature Studio, in partnership with Oculus Studios and Capcom. Your goal is the same as ever: Take out as many Ganados as possible before time expires.

    The VR version features exclusive online leaderboards though, plus 20 new Challenges to test your skills against. Completing challenges also lets you unlock some made-for-VR treats, including a Big Head Mode, a black-and-white Classic Horror Mode, and fancy Golden Gun skins for all your favorite weapons. And you can even bring these unlocks back into the main Resident Evil 4 campaign.

    Explore the world of Resident Evil 4, entirely remastered for VR. Step into the shoes of special agent Leon S. Kennedy on his mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter who was kidnapped by a mysterious cult. Come face to face with enemies and uncover secrets with gameplay that revolutionized the survival horror genre. Battle horrific creatures and face-off against mind-controlled villagers while discovering their connection to the cult behind the abduction.

    • Developed by: Armature Studio
    • Publisher: Oculus Studios
    • IP Owner: Capcom
    • Genre(s): Action, Horror
    • Platform: Quest 2 exclusive
    • Players: Single user
    • Language: English, French (France), German, Japanese, Spanish (Mexico)
    • Release Date: Out now
    • Price: Free update to owners of Resident Evil 4 (original game $39.99)

    Find out more about the new Mercenaries mode for VR in our full interview with Tom Ivey, Lead Producer at Armature Studio.

  • Crystal Atrium Home environment

    There's a new Home environment called Crystal Atrium available today.

    You'll find it under the Personalization tab of your settings menu.


  • Ghostbusters VR

    Mark Zuckerberg joined the show to announce Ghostbusters VR -- an immersive, four-player cooperative adventure developed by nDreams and published by Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR). 

    Strap on your very own proton pack and step into the Ghostbusters universe. Based out of your new San Francisco HQ, you’ll track, blast and trap ghosts while trying to unravel a mystery that threatens the entire city -or maybe the world. And while playing alone is an option, you can team up with three friends for a big and engaging Ghostbusters adventure.

  • Show's over!

    And there we have it! The Showcase featured a nice even dozen new VR games (or game content) headed to Quest 2 within the next year - and in some cases, for PC VR too. Plus a free Home environment.

    To celebrate today's event, Meta has a sale on some great content right now, including Population: One, Zenith: The Last City, and Moss - one of our Top 10 VR games of all time

    And at the end of the presentation, host and executive producer Ruth Bram promised that, "We'll have more announcements later this year".

    Want to watch/rewatch the whole Meta Quest Gaming Showcase 2022? Fill your boots... 

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