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Week That Was: 13th October

Week That Was: 13th October

Welcome to the Week That Was on, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


Top Stories

New High End Standalone Oculus Next Year 

The Santa Cruz offers Rift performance without the PC, 6DoF and inside-out tracking, reaches developers ‘in the next year’.

New Standalone VR Headset From Facebook 

Oculus Go aims for the sweet spot between mobile and tethered VR next year.

Apple CEO Says No AR Glasses Soon 

Tim Cook says the technology 'Doesn't exist... in a quality way'.



Oculus Reveals AAA Games On The Way 

Rift gaming goes big budget with Pixar, Blade Runner, Marvel, more Lone Echo and Titanfall developers, Respawn.

Rift To Get New Touch Interface 

Oculus Dash reimagines Universal and Home menus, free from December.

Oculus Develops Social VR Presence And Safety 

New avatar options and animations, social VR safety, and Facebook Spaces on new platforms and in AR.

Oculus Launches Business Bundle 

Facebook invites companies to join the likes of Audi and Cisco in the Oculus For Business programme.

Oculus Announces Rift Bundle At $399 

Facebook will continue to offer the Summer of Rift promotional price ‘permanently’.

Oculus Connect 4 Highlights 

All the breaking news from today’s Facebook San Jose event.

Nokia Puts The Brakes On Developing VR Camera 

Technology company to ‘halt development’ on its OZO VR camera and hardware, cut 310 jobs.

Surround Vision And Google VR Launch The Female Planet 

Partnership produces a series of documentaries for Daydream featuring inspiring female role models.

Mark Zuckerberg Apologises For Puerto Rico Livestream 

Facebook CEO’s virtual appearance in disaster-stuck Puerto Rico drew public criticism, raises questions about empathy and experiences across mixed media.

Cargo Racing VR Races Onto The Oculus Store 

Cambridge XR studio, Virtual Arts, releases its first game just three months after coming out of stealth.

Facebook Takes To Live VR To Share Puerto Rico Relief Aid 

Mark Zuckerberg reveals the role that internet access and AI is playing in the aftermath of hurricane Maria.

Magic Leap Releases New Video 

Billion-dollar startup reveals little in new video, ‘How It All Began’.

Snapchat And Jeff Koons’ AR Sculpture Graffiti-bombed 

Artist Sebastian ErraZuriz digitally vandalises virtual installation to protest, “An imminent Augmented Reality corporate invasion”.

Independence Day Director Co-Founds VR Company 

Roland Emmerich’s VRenetic company focuses on ‘Social. Mobile. VR.’


Data & Research 

$1.8B AR/VR Investment In Last 12 Months To Q3 2017 

Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel sees a transition from a VR driven investment market to a new mobile AR driven market.



XR Web Roundup: 10th October 

Nine XR stories from around the web that caught our eyes this week: AR movies; VR Ads; LBE; MR’s future; Google Glass; Wearables; Cryptocurrency; Auschwitz; Experiential marketing.

Six Of The Best: 9th October 

Your Monday morning briefing of the six most read recent stories: Business first, games second; Samsung Odyssey WMR; Google AR; 4C; Varjo funding.



3rd Eye Studios Secures $1m Investment 

Funding allows games and tech start-up to further develop core tools and technology for consumers and developers.


Events News 

XR Connects London 2018 Part Of Triple Conference Offering 

Come speak, come listen, come meet XR, Mobile and PC professionals in London on 22-23 January 2018.


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