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XR Web Roundup: 17th October

XR Web Roundup: 17th October

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1) Games Lead ARKit App Downloads 

AR Games downloads top three million since launch.

2) How I Have Become A Virtual Reality Influencer …And You Can, Too 

TonyVT SkarredGhost shares how he reached #34 on a top 100 VR influencers list.


3) Emerging Tech Boosts Online Education Growth Over Next 4 Years 

Edtech magazine reports on a study that finds VR will spark innovation.

4) These 5 iPhone Apps Prove Augmented Reality Isn't Just Hype 

AR hits the mainstream as Time Magazine picks its favourite ARKit apps.

5) Why Snapchat Might Just Win The Augmented Reality Wars 

The Week reasons that if a picture speaks a thousand words, then an image based social network is poised to capitalise on AR.

6) A Major Manufacturer Has Begun Designing Its Cars Using Augmented Reality 

Futurism explores how AR is being implemented to foster creativity and collaboration in the automotive sector.

7) How Virtual Reality worked in real estate marketing for Domar Development 

Case study of Poland’s Komorowice campaign, awarded Golden Arrow marketing award.


8) VR Could Trick Stroke Victims' Brains Toward Recovery 

Researchers at the University of Southern California are examining how virtual reality could promote brain plasticity and recovery.

9) Designer Presents An Unconventional 3D Printer And A 3D Printed VR Headset 

Why buy a branded VR headset when you can print your own?

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