Six Of The Best: 16th October

Six Of The Best: 16th October

Welcome to your Monday morning briefing of the six most read stories on in the last week.


Six Of The Best

The top six trending stories of the past week:


1) Oculus Reveals AAA Games On The Way 

Rift gaming goes big budget with Pixar, Blade Runner, Marvel, more Lone Echo and Titanfall developers, Respawn.


2) Oculus Connect 4 Highlights 

All the breaking news from today’s Facebook San Jose event.


3) $1.8B AR/VR Investment In Last 12 Months To Q3 2017 

Digi-Capital’s Tim Merel sees a transition from a VR driven investment market to a new mobile AR driven market.


4) Snapchat And Jeff Koons’ AR Sculpture Graffiti-bombed

Artist Sebastian ErraZuriz digitally vandalises virtual installation to protest, “An imminent Augmented Reality corporate invasion”.


5) Magic Leap Releases New Video 

Billion-dollar startup reveals little in new video, ‘How It All Began’.


6) Independence Day Director Co-Founds VR Company 

Roland Emmerich’s VRenetic company focuses on ‘Social. Mobile. VR.’



Further coverage from the Oculus Connect 4 event:


Six Of The Rest

These all-time all-star stories are some of the most popular articles from The Virtual Report archives:

  1. Feature: 25 VR Developers To Watch 
  2. Feature: The Size Of The VR Consumer Market (Updated, 3rd March) 
  3. Feature: Million Dollar Babies: The XR Studios That Are Smashing It! [UPDATE 6th Sept] 
  4. Feature: The Best Apple ARKit Test Projects [UPDATE: 4th August] 
  5. Videos: VR University Sessions At VR Connects San Francisco 2017
  6. News: VR Indie Pitch San Francisco Winners 
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