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XR Web Roundup: 10th October

XR Web Roundup: 10th October

Every week, we share nine XR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at 


1) District 9 Director Says Big Studio AR Films Are Inevitable, Revolutionary 

Neill Blomkamp says, ‘It’s going to be a bigger deal than VR’.

2) We’ve Shown There’s An Audience For VR Ads 

USA Today Network’s VR Ad Studio Head on working with Nielsen to measure the impact of these new ad experiences.

3) VR Location-Based Entertainment: The Catalyst Of VR? 

Free white paper from VRNISH.

4) Looking To The Future Of Mixed Reality (Part III) 

The third and final part of Unity’s series about MR.

5) The Unexpected Rebirth Of Google Glass 

Few products in tech have drawn as much ridicule or outright laughter as Google Glass. But that wasn’t always the case...

6) Are Wearables the Next Big Thing for AR? 

Why Augmented Reality cannot live on handheld devices alone.

7) Explaining The New Cryptocurrency Bubble—And Why It Might Not Be All Bad 

ArsTechnica on the crowdfunding model that we've seen adopted in the XR industry by Reality Gaming and Prosense

8) Does A VR Auschwitz Simulation Cross An Ethical Line? 

Based on the testimonies of survivors, Witness: Auschwitz creates a VR replica of the concentration camp.

9) Brands Are Doing More Experiential Marketing. Here’s How They’re Measuring Whether It’s Working 

Adweek looks at how M&Ms, Jaguar and Mastercard seek direct connections with consumers.

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