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XR Web Roundup: September 17th

XR Web Roundup: September 17th

Every week, we share nine XR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at

1) Gamer beware, ultra-realistic VR is a philosophical minefield for humanity

Should VR become ultra-realistic? We asked a philosopher.

2) Ergonomics of the virtual mind and body

Designing more empowering virtual realities through the Hedonomic principles of pleasure

3) Seeing the invisible: ai weiwei, el anatsui + more exhibit AR works at gardens across the globe

A ‘phygital’ experience at twelve different gardens

4) Burning Man was held in VR this year — and it was a psychedelic freak show

Burning Man VR is a utopia for trippy hippies

5) What makes AR special?

Avi Bar-Zeev on AR: what will we want or not want from it?

6) Virtual Tours of Museums, Art Galleries, National Parks and Historic Sites

Digitising Spaces To Educate The Public And Increase The Accessibility Of A Location

7) Neill Blomkamp thinks we’ll soon be able to live inside Marvel movies

The tech behind his horror film Demonic is going to start a revolution

8) Emirates launches first airline virtual reality app in Oculus store

Experience Emirates' fully-enclosed Gamechanger First Class Suites, explore the airline's signature A380 Onboard Lounge, or check out the cabin

9) 3 Virtual and Augmented Reality Stocks to Buy Right Now

Here's why Facebook, Sony, and Microsoft are great stocks to buy before growth skyrockets in the virtual and augmented reality market.

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