XR Web Roundup

XR Web Roundup: August 27th

XR Web Roundup: August 27th

Every week, we share nine XR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at

1) The knotty problem of applying real-world laws to VR and AR

How will real-world law enforcement deal with conduct that takes place in a virtual realm?

2) Augmented Reality Is Coming for Your Ears, Too

New software applications are cleverly mapping audio to transport users to another space.

3) Mojo Vision crams its contact lens with AR display, processor and wireless tech

Do you want to wear screens on your eyes?

4) NeX: Real-time View Synthesis with Neural Basis Expansion

A new approach to novel view synthesis based on enhancements of multiplane image (MPI) that can reproduce NeXt-level view-dependent effects - in real time.

5) SideQuest bans The Unity Cube and similar VR apps

VR blogger extraordinaire Tony (Skarredghost) shares the story of finding out his app was removed from SideQuest

6) Why AR clothing try-on is nearly here

The ability to try on clothes digitally has been a long-term goal that tech companies of all sizes are close to reaching. Here’s why.

7) Deadmau5 reveals Oberhasli VR game

Curated by deadmau5 himself, Oberhasli is a virtual reality game that will contain an ever-evolving world of music, environments, and other interactive content for players.

8) The Logitech K830 Keyboard And Typing In VR

Will this new VR compatible keyboard be the future of working in a fully virtual environment?

9) Virtual reality training launched for COVID-19 labs to tackle skills shortage

A new virtual reality training programme has been introduced for COVID-19 laboratories in the hope of meeting a mass skills shortage.

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