XR Web Roundup

XR Web Roundup: September 3rd

XR Web Roundup: September 3rd

Every week, we share nine XR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at

1) 11 Ways VR And AR Stand To Impact Advertising, Marketing And PR

Forbes Agency Council members explore how VR and AR will impact the world of advertising, marketing and PR in the near future.

2) The surveyor and augmented reality – ready for the future

Surveyors could utilize AR in everyday tasks but that would require having a fully developed 3D design model that could merge with the existing conditions in their visual device.

3) ‘Demonic’ Director Neill Blomkamp on the ‘Cage of Cameras’ He Used to Shoot the VR Scenes

”It ended up being a super-confined, horrific, jail cell-style situation,“ the director tells TheWrap of the camera set-up.

4) Venice VR expanded

The Virtual Reality section of the 78th Venice International Film Festival of La Biennale di Venezia, September 1st to 11th.

5) Motion Sickness and the Physics of VR

The technology of virtual reality has seen a rapid improvement in recent years as its applicability expands into more areas and big players are getting involved.

6) What's a virtual office? 3 reasons the metaverse could solve the reopening challenge

Establishing a shared space for in-person staff, remote workers and clients can bridge the gap between all these groups.

7) Enhancing Immersive Learning and Research – Apply to Varjo Academic Program

Apply to Varjo Academic Program to experience the most realistic immersive applications and unlock significant benefits and discounts on Varjo products.

8) Scientists Hope VR Can Change Human Behavior And Curb Climate Change

Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab believe that using virtual reality could be the key in tackling climate change.

9) The ViXion is a mixed-reality headset designed specifically for people with low-vision and night-blindness

Partnering with Japan-based startup ViXion, Nendo has unveiled an eponymously named mixed-reality headset.

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