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Week That Was: 16th June

Week That Was: 16th June

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Top Stories

E3: Sony Reveals New PS VR Games 

The 2017 PlayStation conference at E3 gave our first look at a selection of third-party PS VR titles, including platformers, shooters, horror, a mouse brandishing a sword and... fishing.

Skyrim VR Gallops To PS VR

Massive – and massively popular – RPG gets a VR reincarnation this November.

VR Up Front In The PC Gaming Show Pre-Show From E3 [UPDATE] 

Intel gets a headstart on its sponsored PC event with a showcase including VR eSports and music ‘destinations’. [Update: $1m Grand Slam Bonus]



The Walking Dead Shuffles Into VR 

Hit comic book and TV series coming to VR with a multi-year series of original games.

Britain’s Channel 4 Launches Its First VR Game 

UK TV channel takes to the skies for a relaxing and colourful VR experience.

E3: Gran Turismo Sport Release Window Announced 

Sony pumps up the feels and shows you the mechanics at work as the real driving simulator revs up for its new autumn release window.

E3: Bloody Zombies Gameplay Trailer 

Co-op brawler with a unique VR perspective on Rift, Vive and PS VR.

E3: New Ace Combat 7 Trailer 

PS VR flight combat game takes to the skies in fantastic new footage.

E3: Aiming For Arizona Sunshine 

Footage of smash hit zombie shooter PS VR gameplay using PlayStation Aim.

E3: No Heroes Allowed! Heads West 

Japanese RTS gets a Western release for PS VR.

E3: Sci Fi Shooter Targets PS VR 

ROM: Extraction escapes its PC origins and heads to console later this year.

E3: Sci Fi Horror FPS PS VR Exclusive 

Brit devs demo procedurally generated VR game with a social twist. How much do your friends like you?

Save What’s Left Of America With A Six-Storey Mech 

New gameplay footage released at E3, showing the first VR title from Skydance Interactive, Archangel.

E3: Ubisoft Reveals New Sci Fi Combat Game 

Multiplayer jetpack combat in micro-gravity for Rift and Vive with Space Junkies.

E3: Transference Revealed - But What Is It? 

Ubisoft and Spectrevision team up to produce a dark thriller for VR.

CCP’s V-Sport Title Hits PS VR First 

Futuristic sport is on the way to PlayStation this autumn, courtesy of the company behind Eve Valkyrie.

Farpoint DLC Lands 27th June 

Sony’s PS VR Aim FPS gets new co-op maps, challenges, character skin and trophies - all free.

Raw Data Gets September Launch 

Survios will release their game simultaneously on Vive, Rift and PS VR; adds PVP, a new hero and location.

Bethesda At E3: Fallout 4 And Doom VFR 

The long-awaited Fallout 4 VR game gets a release month, while Doom VFR is revealed as a full standalone title.


Interviews And Opinion 

PS VR R&D: Insights From The Senior VP 

Dominic Mallinson reveals the work involved in bringing the PS VR to market, as well as future innovations such as display focus, gaze tracking, talking to games and brainwave interfaces.



Show Report: VR and AR World, London 

Now rolled into the massive London Tech Week, here are our show highlights, including the future of AR, telcos’ role in its adoption, and location mapping.

Xbox At E3: Where Was VR? 

Microsoft’s E3 presentation fails to include WMR for Xbox One; are they walking back their console VR ambitions?



Christina Barleben, Thoughtfish GmbH

Christina Barleben, CEO and Creative Director at Thoughtfish GmbH is one of 50 world-class speakers appearing at VR Connects San Francisco.


Job News 

Want To Work On Our Global Events? 

Steel Media is expanding its events team for our ever-growing series and we’re looking for a conference content producer.


Events News 

VR Connects Helsinki Becomes XR Connects Helsinki 

One-letter change, but it's virtual business as usual as we welcome realities of every flavour - VR, AR and MR - to our global industry events.


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