E3: Sony Reveals New PS VR Games

E3: Sony Reveals New PS VR Games

During the PlayStation Live pre-show for Sony’s pre-E3 Media Showcase (is that the pre-show pre-show, or the pre-pre-show?), came the announcement that Superhot is coming to PS VR this summer. We placed developers, Superhot Team, on our 25 Developers To Watch feature last year. 

They also showed the reveal trailer for futuristic sports game, Sparc from CCP Games that will be out in Q3. We’ve already covered Sparc here if you want more info and to see the trailer. 


Sony’s Sizzling PS VR Showreels

And so to the Media Showcase itself. Other than a brief introduction from Shawn Layden, President and CEO of SIEA, the showcase presented us with trailer after trailer of PlayStation games including the likes of Uncharted The Lost Legacy, Days Gone and Call of Duty WWII.

Sony wrapped all its PS VR announcements into a series of sizzling showreels, led by the reveal for Skyrim VR – see here for more about that. In all, we were treated to five new games to look forward to from four third-party developers and we have some information and a trailer for each of the games, presented in the same order as the PlayStation Media Showcase.

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  • Star Child


    Third-person platformers may not seem like the obvious best fit for VR, but Playful has already proven that it works with Lucky’s Tale that was bundled with Oculus Rift and obviously hopes to repeat that success with Star Child on PS VR.

  • The Inpatient


    It seems like PS VR fans of chilling games will be well served between Ubisoft’s Transference – read more about that here - and The Inpatient from Supermassive Games, the studio behind the original Until Dawn and Rush of Blood on PS VR.

    You just know this isn’t going to be a walk in the park as soon as the radio starts to echo and someone who reminds us of Harold Shipman says, “You do understand, I want what’s best for you”.

    “It’s just a nightmare” says one voice. Really?

  • Monster Of The Deep


    We thought we were getting Final Fantasy XV in VR, but Square Enix is instead serving up Monster Of The Deep for PS VR. It’s a fantasy fishing game where you seem to be able to reel in anything from typical tiddlers to, well – a monster of a fish! It will release this September.

  • Bravo Team


    Supermassive Games is back again, this time with cover-shooter, Bravo Team. This new IP is a militaristic squad-based game set in a fictional modern day Eastern European city, featuring single-player and online two-player co-op modes.

    Confirmed as an Aim controller title, with the ability to aim down the iron sights or hold above your head to blind fire, this is now firmly on our release radar.

  • Moss


    Whimsical is the word that came to mind when we saw the trailer for Moss from Polyarc. It’s the tale of a mouse that brandishes a sword and sneaks into castles to fight giant snakes.

    Moss is a single player action-adventure puzzle game where you accompany mouse hero Quill as she travels to forgotten realms to conquer challenges with you by her side. It will be released in time for Christmas this year.

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