E3: Ubisoft Reveals New Sci Fi Combat Game

E3: Ubisoft Reveals New Sci Fi Combat Game

Although not part of its pre-E3 event, Ubisoft has announced another VR title, Space Junkies, from Ubisoft Montepellier. They describe it as, ‘A visceral, jetpack-fueled [sic] VR Arcade Shooter where you fly through deadly Orbital Arenas in HOSTILE SPACE, facing off in extreme battles!’ We have no idea if those capitalisations are important.

The gameplay is online multiplayer, supporting 2v2 and 1v1 matches with full VR embodiment that allows you to use your hands and body to manipulate the environment and weapons that include Sunblasters and Bioguns. The ‘Orenas’ – no, us neither – feature micro-gravity and are changeable, depending on player action. Space Junkies is being built using an all-new VR engine that Ubisoft has called Brigitte.


Something New And Insane?

"Space Junkies is for VR players who are looking for something new and insane and that will get their competitive juices flowing," Ubisoft Montpellier producer Adrian Lacey said. "We are creating a multiplayer, competitive, adrenaline-filled shooter that's out of this Galaxy, and gives players freedom to take full advantage of the evolution of player to machine interfaces that only virtual reality can offer."

Between Space Junkies, Echo Arena and Sparc, it seems there’s no end of VR at this year’s E3 that’s been inspired by classic Sci Fi sports. Is it time for The Bitmap Brothers’ Speedball to make a comeback?


Transference At E3

Ubisoft also revealed another VR project at E3, Transference, which is being developed in collaboration with Elijah Wood’s Spectrevision – you can read more about it here


Space Junkies will release on Rift and Vive in spring 2018.

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