Raw Data Gets September Launch

Raw Data Gets September Launch

Survios has announced that Raw Data will complete Early Access and officially launch in September 2017 across HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR.

The game will receive one final Early Access Update this summer with a host of hotly anticipated new features, including the brand-new PC-exclusive Hostile Takeover Player vs. Player (PvP) expansion and the cross-platform debut of fan-requested joystick locomotion control options.


Eden vs. SyndiK8

The new PvP experience allows players to battle each other in Eden vs. SyndiK8 competitive matches with new maps, revamped abilities and locomotion movesets exclusive to this mode.

“Our players have been clamouring for PvP ever since Raw Data’s earliest demos,” said Mike McTyre, Survios’ Game Design Director. “Raw Data was always meant to be played with your friends beyond traditional co-op. Now, whether it’s an intense one-on-one duel or a chaotic 10-person battle, players can actually feel the adrenaline-charged intensity of fighting for their lives - only now against each other.”


New Character And Environment

Raw Data was will also gain an all-new playable SyndiK8 hero, Elder the Rogue Hunter, a technologically-enhanced archer with assassination-centric mechanics, such as homing arrows, explosive barrages, multi-shots, and holographic decoys. Survios will also introduce a vibrant new environment set in Eden Corp’s deceptive Botanical Gardens.

A teaser graphic for new character, Elder the Rogue Hunter.

New environment: Eden Corp’s Botanical Gardens.

“It’s been an exciting journey building Raw Data, and it’s amazing to be here adding the final features and polish that will bring everything together,” said James Iliff, Survios’ Chief Creative Officer and cofounder. “Our entire development team is extremely grateful for our dedicated player community, whose support and passion drive us every day. We love hearing all the feedback from our eager fans, and we’ve implemented many of those suggestions into the title with the goal of making the most exciting VR action game in the market. It’s truly a VR experience built by and for the VR community.”



You can sign up for the closed Beta here.


Raw Data was the first VR-exclusive game to top Steam’s Global Bestseller list and break the $1 million sales mark in one month, earning Survios the top spot in our 25 developers to watch feature

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