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Week That Was: 13th January

Week That Was: 13th January

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CES may have only just closed its doors, but it’s already time for the next VR event – the first ever VR Connects London opens on Monday! Check out our Speaker Profiles of some of the most exciting and interesting professionals working in VR today who will be appearing at the event.

We’ll be there – will you?


Top Story

HTC And Intel To Bring WiGig Wireless VR

HTC is working with Intel on a WiGig powered wireless VR product.



Eonite Releases Inside-Out Positional Tracking Software for VR and AR

Computer vision company Eonite has announced its Eonite Vantage Head Tracker software.

HTC Announces First Ever Vive Summit

HTC partners with VRScout and Team SoloMid for the first major Vive livestream on Sunday, 15th January at 1pm Pacific time.

ZeniMax Versus Oculus Trial Begins

The lawsuit filed by ZeniMax against Oculus VR in 2014 initiates Texas court trial.


Interviews & Opinion

Will Online Casinos Go VR?

Sarah Blackburn, Director at GameOn Marketing, calls for caution on overly optimistic forecasts for VR casinos.


Data & Research 

Mobile AR To Drive The Market

After a mixed year, mobile looks set to drive a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021.



Focal Point: How VR Looked From The CES Show Floor

Our industry panel of VR experts assesses the state of VR as it was represented at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Speaker Profiles


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