Speaker Profile: Bradley McManus, AM Marketing

Speaker Profile: Bradley McManus, AM Marketing

Bradley McManus, Digital Director at AM Marketing is one of 60 world-class speakers appearing at VR Connects London 2017 on the 16-17th January 2017. To hear McManus speak in person, book your ticket now!


Q: What do you do?
A: I run a digital marketing agency (Kent agency of the year 2015) with my wife Amy, who started the business in 2013. We are partnered with Google and specialise in making best use of their advertising platforms to ensure positive ROI for our clients.


Q: What makes you most excited for VR as whole?
A: VR changes not only gaming but how we interact. It is accessible for people to use and it is intuitive. It is more immersive than anything technological before and allows us to be in a completely separate space.


Q: What are your thoughts on the way the VR industry has grown in the last 12 months?
A: The launch of Rift and Vive opened the proverbial door and almost gave the consumer permission to really start thinking about it. Of course, the expense of these products was huge so there really is a broad spectrum between the Tier 1 products and a £10 headset from Tesco. It has exploded fast in the past three months and a lot of people think they know what they’re doing.


Q: What major trends do you predict for VR in 2017?
A: I see VR moving more into a social space, using it as a tool for communication and not just immersion in other worlds. I think it will be all about travelling in VR space and seeing your friends, family and new places in the environment. I would also like to see more companies use the tech in natural ways to enable more people to take part without the high barrier to entry that games often have.


Q: Which part of VR Connects/PGC London are you most looking forward to and why?
A: The people. Just speaking to that many passionate minds in one space is always so exciting – you have to be careful not to get too carried away.


Don’t miss your chance to hear McManus’ session at VR Connects London, where he will be discussing how to best promote your gaming apps on Google’s advertising platforms for minimal investment. His session is at 15:20 on the 17th January 2017. Book your ticket now!


About The Speaker
I’m a gamer first and foremost. I grew up on the NES and soon realized I would never let go. I learnt my trade for online advertising at two of the countries biggest media agencies on clients like Disney, Volkswagen, SSE, Shop Direct, EA, Mars, Citroen, Eurotunnel, Pepsi and more. As a company, we wanted to give anyone the access to professional media services without the huge spends often attributed to them – this is AM Marketing’s ethos. We want to help you achieve your business goals and will never recommend something we don’t wholeheartedly believe in.


About VR Connects London 2017
More than 500 delegates from the VR/AR industry will gather at London venue The Brewery on the 16-17th January 2017 for the first ever VR Connects London. Over the two days of the event, 60 expert speakers across four conference tracks will cover the key issues for the VR, AR and MR industry, from global trends and new tech to monetisation. Tickets are selling fast, so don’t miss out – get yours now!

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