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Week That Was: 3rd February

Week That Was: 3rd February

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It’s all about the numbers this week; PS VR has its first full-length game in Resident Evil 7 – and nearly 10 per cent of all users are playing in VR. Arizona Sunshine hit $1.4m sales in its first month, making it possibly the fastest selling VR game yet. But all the talk around the water cooler this week has been about the Oculus court case that’s set to cost them an eye-watering half a billion dollars. That’s not pocket money...


Top Stories

Oculus Found Not Guilty, Ordered To Pay $500 Million

The ZeniMax vs Oculus case over technology theft has now ended, but appeals and injunctions still remain...

Record $2.3 billion VR/AR investment in 2016

Tim Merel looks at the investment in VR over its first 12 months and casts his gaze forwards to that difficult second album.

Is Arizona Sunshine The Fastest Selling VR Game?

Developers claim $1.4 million month one sales, Vive by far the lead platform.



First Images Of Third Party Microsoft HMDs

Hardware manufacturers show a range of form factors and wear styles, based on core Microsoft technology.

VRLA Announces Rick & Morty Co-Creator As Keynote Speaker

World’s Biggest VR/AR Conference Reconvenes April 14, 15 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

6 Nations Rugby Gets Machine Learning And VR

Game analytics will benefit from machine learning stat updates, viewers can get one-person VR experience.

John Wick UK VR Demos

HTC offers consumer demos ahead of game and movie release.

HTC Loses Another Senior Manager

Global Executive Vice President has announced that he is to leave the company.

AI And VR Conference And Hackathon, London

The Realities Centre in London will host a conference and hackathon for artificial intelligence and Virtual Reality this March.

Resident Evil 7 Has 9% VR Users

Capcom reveals how many gamers are brave enough to experience the game in VR.

PS VR’s Biggest Games Of 2016

Sony reveals most popular downloads for PS VR last year.

HolodeckVR To Launch At ISPO MUNICH 2017

New system enables 100 users to enter VR and move freely around an area the size of four football fields.



Funding The Future Of VR In Japan

We recently visited Japan to find out how Tokyo VR start-ups are cultivating the VR development community in the biggest city in the world.

Tested: Alienware Aurora PC And Dell 27 Monitor

VR’s a demanding medium for computing power, so we tried out Alienware’s Aurora.


Data & Research

Mixed Reality Will Disrupt Enterprise Devices

New report predicts the rise of machine vision will help to position MR as a key future disruptor to existing AR enterprise implementations.

Two-Speed Market Drove Over $30 Billion Games Deals In 2016

After a mixed year, mobile AR looks set to drive $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021.



Focal Point: Tokyo PS VR Queues - Hype Or Hit?

Our industry panel of VR experts on whether the recent clamour for PS VR in Japan is proof of consumers hungry for VR, or a marketing ploy by Sony.


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