AI And VR Conference And Hackathon, London

AI And VR Conference And Hackathon, London

Realities Centrein London will bring together two worlds, combining artificial intelligence (AI) and VR for a conference on 16th March, followed by a two-day hackathon on 18th–19th March.

The conference will be an evening of presentations and discussions to explore how AI, namely machine learning and natural language processing can be used in VR. For this event, Phil Wescott, European ecosystem leader at IBM Watson, Raz Schwartz, Research lead at Oculus and Rob Whitehead, Co-founder and CTO at Improbable will exchange with other VR and AI specialists on the potential of mixing both technologies.


Hackathon And On

For the AI+VR Hackathon, small teams will be given 24 hours to create unique VR applications using AI on a topic given the morning of the event commencing. AI and VR specialists will be available to mentor the teams and answer all their questions. At the end, the projects will be presented to a jury who will select a winner.


To register for both events, visit the official Eventbrite pages for the Conference and Hackathon.

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