Six Of The Best: 4th September

Six Of The Best: 4th September

Welcome to your Monday morning briefing of the six most read stories on in the last week.


Six Of The Best

The top six trending stories of the past week on


1) Is This What Magic Leap Looks Like? 

Presentation slide deck could show the shape and form of one of the XR industry’s closest guarded secrets.

2) How Much Does VR Really Cost? [UPDATE: 21st August 2017] 

Pricing a VR set-up isn’t straightforward, so we set out to discover the full retail cost of VR for the leading platforms.

3) The VR Indie Pitch returns as a part of XR Connects Helsinki 2017 

Developers! It's time to enter the latest VR Indie Pitch for glory, prizes and valuable feedback.

4) WEARVR Signs Partnerships With Nibiru, Pico Interactive And VR Japan 

Deals open up China and Japan markets for developer partners

5) Google Reveals ARCore For Android 

Aims to target over 100 million devices by the end of its preview period.


6) Bloomberg: Will HTC Sell Its Vive Division? [UPDATED] 

Speculative article causes XR sites to enter meltdown, everyone seems to be forgetting one significant bit of information...

Six Of The Rest

These all-time all-star stories are some of the most popular articles from The Virtual Report archives:


  1. Feature: 25 VR Developers To Watch 
  2. Feature: The Size Of The VR Consumer Market (Updated, 3rd March) 
  3. Videos: VR University Sessions At VR Connects San Francisco 2017 
  4. News: VR Indie Pitch San Francisco Winners 
  5. Feature: From Hydrographer To Total Art: One Developer’s Journey From Surveying To Synesthesia 
  6. Feature: VR’s Potential To Change The Human Race 
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