Week That Was

Week That Was

Welcome to the Week That Was on TheVirtualReport.Biz, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


Microsoft may have surprised us by revealing its VR headsets at the Windows 10 event last week, but they released no information about the hardware specs. Have they made compromises to reach the $299 price point? We’ll find out next month at two events in China and Taiwan...


Top Stories

Microsoft To Reveal Details Of New VR Headsets Before Christmas

Not long to wait until we learn more information about Microsoft’s VR headsets, with two events announced for December.

Google To Release Daydream View Next Week

Google will launch its Daydream compatible HMD on November 10th.

Software Line-up Revealed For Daydream View Release

Here are all the VR experiences Daydream View Buyers can get into following the launch.

Virtual Reality, Real Revenue

Ariel Shimoni, Director of VR at, explores the options for monetising VR content, what we can learn from mobile and the takeaway facts from existing campaigns.



VRDC 2016 - Google’s 50 Lessons From VR & AR Prototypes

VR is still fresh, new and exciting. As such, there's more than a lot to learn from those around you.

The UK’s Top 15 AR And VR Start-ups

With sectors including hardware and software, holographics, artificial intelligence, gaming and real estate, the UK’s VR and AR sector is strong.

10 Things Your VR Business Needs To Do

From usability to scalability, Growth Enabler lists the 10 things every company working in the VR and AR sectors should be thinking about.

HTC Opens Huge VR Theme Park

HTC has opened a 3,500 square feet VR theme park in Taiwan.

Second Wave Of Speakers Delivers More Key VR Industry Players

Google Daydream, Brandwidth, Wargaming VR, Virtual Beings, Draw & Code, and AMD confirmed for VR Connects London 2017.

Nintendo Expresses Interest In VR

President of Nintendo Co doesn’t rule out VR for new Switch console.

HTC Launches Magazine VR Reader

HTC develops non-gaming VR functionality and releases the world's first Augmented-VR reading experience.


Interviews & Opinion

Chinese Investors Need To Calm Down And Diversify To Push VR Forward

Zhou Jinyu, Founder of Viking VR, explains the VR industry’s shift from hardware to software in China.

Windlands: From PC To Console VR

Psytec Games released Windlands on PS VR last week, so we caught up with Director & Producer Jon Hibbins to find out how the indie dev’s game made the transition from PC to console.


Data & Research 

Industry Trends In AR And VR

New report details funding and revenue within the UK’s VR and AR sector.

MR Market To Reach $6.9B by 2024

Mixed Reality market growth to be driven by entertainment, automobile and aerospace design, ecommerce and retail sectors.


Job News

Oculus Recruiting More Than 100 Staff

Oculus recruitment drive demonstrates interest in Augmented Reality and non-gaming content.


See you in seven days...


Steve is an award-winning editor and copywriter with 20 years’ experience specialising in consumer technology and video games. He was part of a BAFTA nominated developer studio as project manager for the UK’s first fully interactive digital TV channel. In addition to editing, Steve contributes to, and, as well as creating marketing content for a range of SMEs and agencies.


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