The UK’s Top 15 AR And VR Start-ups

The UK’s Top 15 AR And VR Start-ups

Data and intelligence firm GrowthEnabler has just published the first UK focused AR and VR market report. In it, they list their pick of the UK’s top AR and VR start-ups:



Using a patented holographic technology, builds display materials to enhance the quality of AR products and devices such as AR glasses.



Developer of 360 degree VR technology. Provides software tools that projects images to produce 360 degree digital projection using graphics, live feed, video and animated audio visuals.


Infinity (Acquired) 

Provider of VR A1:F16 to lm, concert, theatre and television production houses. Acquired by Gate Ventures for $1.4M in 2016.


Ads Reality (Acquired) 

Developer of product recognition software. Enables the recognition of 3D products via mobile phones, by overlaying digital information, videos or animation using AR.



Provider of display services. Designs, builds and powers engaging interactive services ranging from virtual showrooms and VR experiences to AR and visualisation applications.


Freefly Vr (Proteus Labs)

Engages in the designing, manufacturing and sale of wireless VR headsets for mobile phones. It adapts smartphones into a wearable VR experience. Patent: EU Registered Design.



Developer of an operating system to build simulated worlds or complex simulation systems for gaming, defence and infrastructure.



Developer and publisher of VR games and experiences. Specialise in developing and publishing online games and operate a VR gaming website.



Specialists in short form AR experiences made for mobile and headsets of the future to help capture the value in augmented reality . Uses patented image recognition technology and platform for a range of products including Retail, Gaming, Education and other segments.



Provider of AR software through the Blippar app. Enables users to turn images into interactive Web experiences, via image recognition technology.


Matterport / Virtual Walkthrough (Acquired) 

Provider of 360 virtual technology. Showcases commercial and residential properties via its 360° online virtual tour and immersive videos.



Trillenium provides a platform for VR experiences by uniting 3D gaming and online shopping. Their software is compatible with existing VR devices. Has development headquarters in Croatia.



Developer of a VR treadmill platform. The company develops a locomotion platform which allows users to walk or run in VR worlds.



Provides AR technology for the Real Estate industry, using 3D modelling.



Developer of a portable spatial AR projector. A portable device offering a glass-free and hands-free AR experience.


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