Google To Release Daydream View Tomorrow

Google To Release Daydream View Tomorrow

Google's Daydream View will be available on the Google Store and at retailers across five countries from November 10th. Here's the list of locations provided by Google in a blog post:


• Australia: Telstra, JB Hi-Fi; $119 (AUD)
• Canada: Bell, Rogers, Telus, Best Buy; $99 (CAD)
• Germany: Deutsche Telekom; €69 (EUR)
• United Kingdom: EE, Carphone Warehouse; £69 (GBP)
• United States: Verizon, Best Buy; $79 (USD)


Design And Specs

The View is the first headset made exclusively for use with Google’s Daydream mobile VR platform and requires a ‘Daydream-ready’ phone such as Pixel and Pixel XL. Google’s focus for Daydream View’s design seems to be one of simplicity and ease of wear.

Aesthetically speaking, one could say that the View looks more ‘fashionable’ than the likes of Gear VR and other HMDs, mainly due to the block-colour scheme (of which buyers can pick Slate, Snow or Crimson) and material design. The distinctive, lightweight fabric layer as well as the single elastic band testify to Google’s emphasis on comfort for the user.

View is available in Snow, Slate or Crimson colours.

View is designed to fit different sized phones with its extendable hinges on the opening. To keep image alignment, there are two small pads designed to automatically adjust the image on screen regardless of the phone’s positioning.

For more info on Daydream View’s design and specs, click here.


Stay In Control

The Daydream View controller is small, with two buttons; one for use in-app, while the other is a ‘home’ button. The small size of the controller means it can be stowed in the headset’s opening. Gyroscopes in the controller and the phone provide the motion-tracking, as the only hardware inside the HMD itself are the lenses.

Google's Daydream View comes with its own controller.

Could Google’s Daydream View be VR’s best hope for mainstream adoption? After November 10th, we’ll see if a focus on user accessibility and simplicity is the way to go for mobile VR.

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