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Week That Was

Week That Was

Welcome to the Week That Was on TheVirtualReport.Biz, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.


Top Stories

The Size Of The VR Consumer Market

Just how many consumers have VR headsets right now? It’s an almost impossible question to answer, but we’ll give it our best shot...

Explore The World With Google Earth VR

A VR version of Google Earth is now available for free on HTC Vive.

How to get into VR Connects London 2017 for free

Don't want to pay? There is a way…

Focal Point: Is Vive’s Wireless Upgrade Overdue And Overpriced?

Our industry panel of experts on whether we should be excited by the advance in technology or cautious about the additional cost.



VR Dashboard In Open Beta

Take your favourite web apps with you into the metaverse.

Stereolabs Reveals MR Headset

Stereo Labs unveils Linq, an in-tracking MR HMD for the living room.

New VR Strategy Game Enters Early Access

Opposable Games launches long-awaited VR title Salvaged on Steam Early Access.

VR NOW Awards 2016 Winners Announced

Here are the award winners announced during the international VR NOW - The Tech Biz Art Conference.

Oculus To Send More Free Dev Kits For Touch

Oculus is sending out more developer kits for Touch in preparation for the upcoming launch.

3Glasses Launches New $449 VR HMD

The SteamVR compatible Blubur S1 VR headset from 3Glasses is now available for $449.

Zappar Launches $30 Mobile MR and Room-Scale VR Kickstarter.

Zappar aims to make ‘Magic Leap, Magic Cheap’ with new Mobile MR/VR Headset, ZapBox.

Sony Reveals Top 10 Most Downloaded PS VR Games

Sony has shared which PS VR games have been downloaded most since launch.

Experience Mars In VR

Fox Innovation Labs has released The Martian VR Experience and plans to move further into the VR market.

Jaguar Announces Electric SUV With Social VR Event

British motoring marque puts on a first-of-a-kind VR launch event for its I-PACE Concept SUV.

The Guardian's Virtual Reality Crusade

'Underworld' is a unique chance to explore some of Victorian London's vast sewer network.

BBC Makes Virtual Reality Film Debut

'The Turning Forest' the BBC's first attempt at a new type of storytelling using Virtual Reality.


Interviews & Opinion

VR Is Growing Up!

We spoke to Bertie Millis about leaving the security of a steady job to set up Virtual Umbrella, how the agency is maturing with the VR industry and what to expect from VR Connects London.

Harnessing VR For The Power Of Change

Have you considered VR’s potential beyond gaming and videos? Take a look at how this new medium could also be used to improve the lives of millions.


Data & Research 

Force Sensor Market To Reach $1.8bn By 2027

New VR and AR controllers look set to feature force sensors, driving this interface market to reach $1.8bn annually by 2027.



Oculus Acquires Computer Vision Company

Facebook strengthens work in Zurich, Switzerland and acquires Zurich Eye.


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