3Glasses Launches New $449 VR HMD

3Glasses Launches New $449 VR HMD

Chinese VR company 3Glasses has launched its new Blubur S1 headset. The Blubur S1 will cost $449 and features 2K resolution, 110° field of view and a 120Hz refresh rate.

Based in the VR hotspot that is Shenzhen, China, 3Glasses is also developing the 3Wand Suite that will eventually be included with new Blubur S1 HMDs. 3Wand comprises of a pair of controllers and a camera for real-time positional tracking and motion prediction. The company is in the process of developing an open source mobile operating system and a VR platform for developers to build and share new experiences for the Blubur S1.

3Wand controllers.

Content is key to the success of any new VR hardware coming to the market and one feature of Blubur S1 is its SteamVR compatibility, providing an alternative to HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for users who want play popular SteamVR titles like Elite Dangerous and Subnautica. Users can also access VR Show, 3Glasses’ own VR content store, which carries titles like Mortal Blitz VR and A-10 VR.

Philip Kong, Chief Operating Officer at 3Glasses said, “We want to encourage developers and publishers to embrace the affordable high performance to help VR go mainstream.”

To order your own headset or get more information about the Blubur S1, you can sign up here using your email.


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