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Week That Was: 9th June

Week That Was: 9th June

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Top Stories

Apple's iOS 11 Introduces Mobile AR 

WWDC announcement sees AR come to Apple’s mobile platforms with ARKit; the largest AR platform in the world - overnight?

Apple Mac Gets VR 

WWDC reveals VR for iMac with support from HTC, Valve, Unreal and Unity.

ARKit: How Apple’s iOS AR Works 

And how developers can get to grips with the new framework.



$1 Million VR Developer Fund Launched 

Mobile VR company pledges $1m to support developers that create new projects for their platform.

Opera In VR On Tour 

REWIND takes The Welsh National Opera on a real world tour for virtual performances this summer.

Angry Birds 2 Lead Programmer Unveils Social VR Studio 

Jonas Johansson brings mobile and console experience together into VR to launch Neuston.

Viveport Subscription Gets 75 New Titles 

HTC Vive doubles the size of its subscription library.

Oculus Putting Rift In California Libraries 

Pilot program aims to give local communities their first experience of VR.

Augmented Reality Dating; Because Of Course 

The first AR dating app hits singleton pockets this autumn.

VR Web Roundup: 6th June 

Biggest VR investors; Is VR the future or a trend?; Start-up cockroach mode; Remote troubleshooting; String theory; AR surgery; Procreating In VR; Palmer Luckey; Breaking Bad.

AWE: Some Announcements 

The VR, AR and MR products, platforms and services announced at California’s Augmented World Expo.

Share Your Gear VR On TV 

Now everyone can see what you’re doing in Gear VR, as Oculus launches Chromecast functionality.

Will Apple Reveal AR Hardware Today? 

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference gets underway today; will they show an AR iPhone 8 or announce their long-awaited smartglasses? You can watch the livestream to find out...

The Smallest VR Headset With The Highest Resolution 

Elf VR halves the size of existing HMDs, offers three times the resolution through OLED microdisplay.

London VR Dev Competition 

Present your project at the summer VRLO and win an ‘awesome’ prize, supported by AMD and HTC.


Interviews And Opinion 

VRcade: A New Golden Age Of Gameplay? 

Jonathan Wagstaff looks back at the heyday of the arcade and makes the case for growing a forest of AAA VR titles from today’s green shoots of experiential games.



Focal Point: Will VR Usher In Another Golden Age For The Arcade? 

Our panel of VR industry experts discuss the arcade’s place in developing the medium, its revenue potential and driving consumer appetite.



Speaker Profile: Tipatat Chennavasin, The Venture Reality Fund 

Tipatat Chennavasin, General Partner at The Venture Reality Fund is one of 50 world-class speakers appearing at VR Connects San Francisco.


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