Augmented Reality Dating; Because Of Course

Augmented Reality Dating; Because Of Course

Apple may have only just announced its mobile AR strategy, but iOS already has its first AR dating app on the way. FlirtAR releases on iOS on September 30th, with Android following a month later. 

The app uses facial recognition, geolocation and Augmented Reality to show user dating profiles and begin conversations with potential dates in the real world and in real time. It uses algorithms to combine face recognition technology with geolocation information to not only allow registered users to access the dating profiles of other registered users when they see that special someone in the real world, but also to begin a conversation with him or her immediately.

FlirtAR has already received $350,000 seed investments and is currently negotiating a $2 million VC investment.


Love At First Shot?
The premise is that when you see someone in the real world that catches your eye, you point your smartphone at them so that FlirtAR can find their profile. Users can then see their name, age, interests and even the music that they’re currently listening to. The person you would like to meet will get a notification and if they’re interested, just start a conversation. Users can also activate the app in invisible mode, allowing them to browse profiles anonymously.

FlirtAR Founder, Renan Godinho said, "People waste lots of time with traditional dating apps. They spend hours and hours of their valuable time looking for someone they never meet. Then when they do see those people in the real world, often the profiles and the real person don’t match up at all! Traditional dating apps require a heavy investment of time and effort, all before you actually see the person in real life. FlirtAR technology saves time and money by allowing people to meet organically, in the real world, and in real time.”

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