AWE: Some Announcements

AWE: Some Announcements

Last week’s Augmented World Expo (AWE), featured 212 exhibitors, 350 speakers, 300 journalists, and 5,000 attendees in a 100,000-square-feet expo. Announcements included innovations in entertainment, gaming and cinema, smart wearables, sensing toys, robotics and consumer electronics, cloud, enterprise and business technologies, human-computer interaction solutions, automotive, and high-performance APIs.


Here’s a quick round-up of some of the VR, AR and MR announcements from AWE:


  • CieAR unveiled its new AR film platform which enables a unique and immersive filmexperience in real space and time with life-sized 3D virtual characters. 
  • Massless unveiled the Massless Pen, a high accuracy, responsive and intuitive interface device that enables designers and engineers to build, edit, manipulate, review and collaborate on 3D models. 
  • Deep Optics unveiled and showing interactive demos of its tunable lens technology for the AR and VR markets. 
  • Digibit showcased the world's first wearable gaming system that transforms your body into a mobile gaming controller. 
  • Epson introduced two new Moverio® products – the Epson Moverio BT-350 augmented reality (AR) smart glasses optimized for multi-user "fleet" environments, and the Epson Moverio Pro BT-2200 smart headset for industrial applications. 
  • Livemap unveiled the 3rd pre-serial prototype of its motorcycle smart helmet with HUD based on AR technology. Ride a bike like a fighter pilot! 
  • Arloopa showcased its ""Take a Photo with the Leopard" environmental information campaign to raise public awareness on biodiversity conservation and threatened species. 
  • AnotherWorld VR previewed KOBOLD, a new kind of creative fiction that blurs the line between cinema and VR gaming. 
  • Augmania announced the launch of its latest release, an out of the box DIY augmented reality authoring tool and its innovative web AR viewer. 
  • Arvizio demonstrated its Mixed Reality Studio Suite, a mixed reality platform that extends HoloLens capabilities as a full-fledged collaboration and conferencing tool. 
  • Catchoom, global innovator in AR and image recognition software solutions debuted the full suite of its new Visual Shopping solutions. 
  • EcoCarrier launched PizzAR, a cost efficient way to promote wares and services through AR on the top surface of a Pizza Box. 
  • Fraunhofer IGD presented VisionLib, an AR one-size-fits-all library tracking system designed specifically for enterprise. 
  • HDBT showcased HDBaseT, a one-cable solution for Virtual Reality, supporting high-def audio, video, USB, controls, Ethernet and power over a single cable. 
  • ICAROS demonstrated its Active AR product, a fitness device and a game controller that allows users to control their flight path with nothing but their movements. 
  • IdentiToy demonstrated its "machine interface over a display surface" technology, a touch-less, optical triangulation interface completely independent of human touch. 
  • InsiderNavigation revealed its indoor augmented reality navigation 1.0 tool to enable recording, localization and navigation within buildings. 
  • Joinpad demoed its remote video streaming and collaboration tool that lets on-field technicians share data and receive support from a remote expert.
  • Kodak showed off its PIXPR0 Orbit360 4K VR Camera - a minimalist approach to an all-in-one 360° VR camera utilizing two fixed focus lenses in a futuristic body. 
  • Kopin unveiled a reference design with Goertek for a new lightweight, super high-res, OLED-powered head-mounted display. 
  • LC-Tec Displays AB and SKUGGA Technology AB demonstrated prototypes of the next generation automatically dimmable sunglasses. 
  • ManoMotion released a SDK that provides developers and content creators with the tools and know-how to incorporate hand gestures into VR, AR, MR and IoT products and applications. 
  • Meta unveiled the Meta Workspace, its spatial AR operating environment designed for creativity and collaboration . 
  • Wikitude, with Lenovo New Vision, announced a collaboration to develop an Augmented human (AH) Cloud. 
  • Moback demonstrated Perplexigon, a new multiplayer VR physics building game recently released on Steam's Early Access program and now available for purchase. 
  • Optinvent debuted its new Ora-X smart headphones, blending audio and display for an unprecedented wearable entertainment experience. 
  • Quantum Interface introduced its groundbreaking, truly hands-free User Interface (UI) controls for headworn displays for industrial and enterprise applications. 
  • Re'Flekt unveiled the first platform to support simultaneous direct publication and model-based tracking for the Microsoft Hololens. 
  • Resonai demonstrated Resonai Search, a visual search engine for VR/AR content. 
  • Scope AR introduced significant updates to its live support video calling platform, Remote AR, making it the first remote assistance software to enable markerless tracking. 
  • Soap Collective debuted Atlas: Prologue, an interactive sci-fi adventure short highlighting episodic content and debuting on Oculus Rift + Touch. 
  • Stereolabs announced ZED Mini, a pass-through stereo camera accessory that gives VR developers a head-start on making mixed reality content. 
  • The Future Group demonstrated its next-generation platform for creating immersive IMR, AR and VR content for TV production, mobile gaming and commercial solutions. 
  • Tractica has released a new white paper assessing key use cases for augmented reality in smartphones and tablets, as well as new capabilities for smart glasses. 
  • twnkls showcased new mobile AR applications and solutions. 
  • uSens showed off its new, industry-first single-camera/dual-lens combined inside-out 6DOF (degrees of freedom) head-tracking and 26DOF hand-tracking technology. 
  • VividWorks demonstrated its VividPlatform4, a Cloud-based 3D visual sales solution delivering photorealistic and user-friendly visualizations on-device and in-store. 
  • Wrnch demonstrated BodySLAM, a human pose estimation engine, enabling anyone with a smartphone to capture human motion. 
  • Zappar showcased Zapbox, which does for mixed reality what Google Cardboard did for Virtual Reality. 
  • Zenko Games unveiled its first gaming title, Diamonst Augmented Reality RPG, based on geolocalized narrative arcs, strategic gameplay and virtual pet features. 

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