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Week That Was: 17th March

Week That Was: 17th March

Welcome to the Week That Was on, where we bring you the highlights, biggest news and hottest topics from the world of VR, AR and MR business in the last seven days.



The 10 Most Innovative Companies In VR/AR 2017

According to online tech magazine, Fast Company.

Does Your VR Start-up Need Investment?

Indian venture capitalist partnership calls for VR and AR apps and content.

O2 Unveils New VR Experiences

A series of unique VR experiences in rugby and music brings fans closer to the action than ever before.

Automated Rendering VR Camera Launches

Create, edit and share high-quality, truly immersive 3D-360 VR video in minutes, with a new affordable fully automated rendering VR camera.

London VR Conference With A Legal Focus

Two-day international video game law conference to explore the impact of VR on our minds and our laws.

Caught On The Web: VR Roundup

HTC Disses Oculus; Best app business models; Solving adoption; Malls are VR’s future; UN goes AR; Avegant; Intel Project Alloy; Alien Covenant.

Oculus Gets Sociable

VR platform gets Rooms update, Events, Facebook Livestreaming, and voice recognition.

Pitch For £2m: VR Investor Showcase

Newly announced Investor Showcase for Bristol’s VR World Congress next month.


Interviews And Opinion

Interview: MR Is The Future Of VR Entertainment

We interview NR Studio, the South Korean company building arcade and mobile VR experiences for everyone.

The Making Of PS VR’s Rogue One: X-Wing VR Mission

Criterion’s lead designer spoke exclusively to us about developing a Star Wars game and the unique challenges and opportunities about developing for VR - including how they solved motion sickness.

Interview: HTC Vive’s Graham Breen On Ecosystems And Accelerators

Graham Breen, Program Manager EMEA Virtual Reality at HTC Vive, talks to us about trackers, audio straps, Viveport, performance to date and what’s next for Vive VR.



Focal Point: Why Is A Higher Percentage Of Women Working In VR Than Conventional Games?

Our industry panel of VR experts offer their thoughts on our observation that more women work in VR than conventional software development, particularly games.


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