London VR Conference With A Legal Focus

London VR Conference With A Legal Focus

The third More than Just a Game conference on 6th to 7th April, organised by Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), has a major focus on the legal and regulatory questions posed by VR.

Leading international experts will focus on topics including the law on representing real buildings in VR and AR; protecting intellectual property in the virtual world; freedom of thought in VR; privacy and consumer protection; licensing rights in the games industry.

Other topics include: the current state of VR development and predictions for the future; how the brain works in a VR environment; and whether immersive reality heightens or threatens our empathy towards other people.


Who’s Speaking

Speakers are drawn from the most senior levels of the gaming industry in the USA and internationally, as well as from specialist practitioners at the forefront of legal questions posed by virtual reality. The programme includes keynotes from Canon Pence, Epic Games; Dr Kimberly Voll, Riot Games; Sean Kane, Frankfurt Kurnit, Dr Andreas Lober. Beiten Burkhardt, Ross Dannenberg, Banner & Witcoff, Alexandre Rudoni, Allen & Overy and Paul Gardner, Osborne Clarke.

The conference will include a panel of senior Judges: Professor Sir Robin Jacob from University College London; Sir Richard Arnold, Judge of the High Court of England and Wales; and Professor Lord Hoffman from Queen Mary University of London.


Opportunities And Challenges

The conference is organised by Dr Gaetano Dimita, specialist in interactive entertainment law at QMUL’s Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS). He told us, “The objective is to get a sense of where VR and AR are in terms of product development and innovation. It is an industry that is morphing and changing constantly, and while that throws up incredibly interesting opportunities, it also poses enormous legal and regulatory challenges,”

The event is sponsored by Beiten Burkhardt, Frankfurt Kunit, Allen and Overy, Banner and Witcoff, Blaca, and Osborne Clarke.


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