Watch Facebook’s F8 Event Online

Watch Facebook’s F8 Event Online

As the countdown timer ticks down to launch, we thought we’d share a timely reminder that you’ll be able to watch the keynotes from Facebook’s F8 event live online. Other sessions from the event will also be available to watch on demand.

Facebook’s annual update event, F8, takes place today and tomorrow in San Jose, California. Obviously, since this is a Facebook event it will look at developments and work across the social media organisation as a whole, but if you want to zero in on just the VR content, we previously picked out the VR sessions from the F8 schedule


Register To Watch

You’ll need to register if you want to watch any of the coverage from F8. Of course, Facebook would prefer you to use the massive blue button to sign up with your Facebook details, but there is a small link below it if you prefer to register with email. In a nice touch, that link is also magenta, which can be hard for people with colour-blindness or visual impairments to see.


What To Expect

Will we see the Oculus Glove in action? (Spiderman sign optional.)

Zuckerberg’s keynote address starts today at 10:00 PDT (18:00 BST).

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