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XR Web Roundup: 19th September

XR Web Roundup: 19th September

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1) Apple ARKit - Hands On With Augmented Reality, Star Wars And Walking Dead. 

Forbes gets to grips with ARKit. Spoiler: it rocks!

2) The Day That Everything Changed 

Tony Parisi, Head of VR/AR at Unity asks ‘What we will build?’, as ARKit and ARCore bring immersive computing at scale.

3) So, This Is How You Grow Virtual Reality And Monetise It 

An interesting take on how to make money in VR from Saudi Arabia.

4) AR Start-up CurioPets Is Pokémon GO Meets Tamagotchi 

Techcrunch shares a look at new ARKit game looking to combine two of the biggest cult kids’ games of all-time.


5) WeChat Is Quietly Developing Its Own AR Platform 

TechInAsia on WeChat’s plans to bring smartphone AR into its ever-expanding world of payments, entertainment, shopping, transportation, and other services.

6) Introducing IKEA Place 

IKEA Place lets you confidently experience, experiment and share how good design transforms your space.


7) Get a closer look with Street View in Google Earth VR 

Google details the update that lets you explore Street View imagery from 85 countries.

8) Welcome to the Walk-O-Motion Demo 

This is a VR locomotion system that uses head tracking to allow the player to physically 'walk' through the game.


9) Oscar-Winner Brandon Oldenburg Explains How VR Will Change The Movies 

The Academy Award-winning co-founder and chief creative officer of Flight School Studio on the future of VR movies.


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