XR Web Roundup

XR Web Roundup: 5th September

XR Web Roundup: 5th September

Every week, we share nine VR, AR and MR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at


1) Here's Why Microsoft's Holographic Genius Thinks It Can Beat Apple And Google To Win The Next Wave Of Computing 

Business Insider UK looks at Alex Kipman’s reasons why WMR won’t go the way of the Kinect.

2) Acer Expects Microsoft’s Mixed Reality To Be The Big Winner Of Virtual Reality

Chairman, Jason Chen, estimates that the Mixed Reality market will be the largest XR platform within 10 years.

3) A Preview Of The First Wave Of AR Apps Coming To iPhones

Techcrunch rounds up some of its favourite ARKit apps. You can see ours here

4) The Future of AR in Communications Has Arrived

An interview with entrepreneur Dana Loberg, co-founder of MojiLaLa.

5) A Game You Can Control With Your Mind

The New York Times tries Neurable’s game demo, Awakening. You can also read our guest column by the company’s VP here

6) "People don't talk about mental health because of the stigma, out of fear for their careers"

Raw Fury's Callum Underwood discusses his ambition to "normalise" mental health issues in the games industry.

7) Walking Through Space In NASA’s Virtual Reality Lab 

See how VR helps astronauts prepare for scenarios both planned and unplanned.


8) Virtual Reality Headsets Double Sales For Property Group

Richard Forman, head of sales and marketing at Delph Property Group explains why.

9) How iOS 11 Will Bring AR Straight To Events

A brief overview of how AR could be integrated into real world events.

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