XR Web Roundup

XR Web Roundup: 3rd October

XR Web Roundup: 3rd October

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1) TrueDepth Camera System Is Primary Reason For Slow iPhone X Production 

Apple's suppliers are shipping only about 40% of the components originally planned for initial production of the iPhone X.

2) Toys R Us Has A Plan To Save Itself And It's Unreal 

USA Today looks at retail chain’s plans to turn stores into attractions after filing for bankruptcy.

3) 3 Ways Augmented Reality Will Transform UX Design 

Venturebeat on the human interface, input and interaction, and contextual input and reactive interfaces.

4) Sports Could Become Virtual Reality's Killer App 

Forbes on how VR intersects with sports and amplifies the fan experience.

5) Nerve-Stimulating Implants May Be The Next Level In Virtual Reality 

Palmer Luckey isn’t the only innovator looking for ways to use technology to augment the human body.

6) Al Jazeera Releases Virtual Reality Project On Rohingya 

'I am Rohingya' follows the journey of a young woman from her home in Myanmar to a refugee camp in Bangladesh.


7) VR And AR Will Be The Death Of Pop-Up Ads And Pre-Roll Videos 

The downward spiral in mobile and web advertising will accelerate as XR gains momentum.

8) Escape The Scary And Painful In Healthcare 

Medical Futurist’s review of appliedVR’s tools to mitigate chronic pain without painkillers.

9) VR Drop And Share Looks To Simplify Collaborative VR 

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Magazine puts forward XR to the industry.

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