Six Of The Best: 20th November

Six Of The Best: 20th November

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1) The First Standalone VR Isn’t From HTC Or Oculus

Next generation RideVR to join VR Coaster’s VR hardware in more than 40 theme parks worldwide.

2) Olympus Relaunches EyeTrek AR Brand For Business

Camera manufacturer joins the reimagined Google Glass and aims its AR tech at enterprise.

3) Vive Could Change The World Around Us

HTC partners with leading infrastructure firm, AECOM, to further develop VR’s applications in architecture, engineering and construction.

4) Paramount Pictures Launching VR Cinema

Hollywood brings the big screen into your home with virtual movie theatre and Top Gun 3D.


5) Create XR With No Coding In Byond

Immersive Suite in open beta, aims to be the Wordpress of VR and AR.

6) Develop:VR Funding Question Time

As investment in VR slows down, what advice did this industry panel have for indie devs at the London event?


Six Of The Rest

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