The First Standalone VR Isn’t From HTC Or Oculus

The First Standalone VR Isn’t From HTC Or Oculus

VR Coaster and Sensics, leaders in VR on-ride attractions and location-based VR, have just unveiled RideVR, a new all-in-one VR Headset that is being used to combine Virtual Reality with real forces, real drops and real airtime. The result is a cost-effective way to upgrade existing rides. VR Coaster, inventors of this technology, have equipped more than 40 parks worldwide and hold the patent for using mobile VR headsets on rides.

Sensics and VR Coaster partnered to provide RideVR, the next-generation solution incorporating lessons learned from millions of guest experiences. The new all-in-one headset needs fewer ride operators to help a larger number of guests in less time, has a removable, washable mask, and needs no additional processing hardware to run its 2880×1600 resolution.

“Our work with dozens of theme parks led us to define exactly what we need from a great headset”, said Thomas Wagner, CEO at VR Coaster. “We found the perfect partner in Sensics to work with us to create this headset”.

Yuval Boger, CEO at Sensics said, “We combined VR Coaster’s operational experience with Sensics’ product expertise to meet the precise requirements of operators. There is a gap between what consumer headsets deliver and what theme parks need. The new RideVR closes this gap”.

The first theme parks will deploy the RideVR headset in early 2018, after exhibiting at IAAPA and CES in January.


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