All The News From Vive’s Developer Conference 2017

All The News From Vive’s Developer Conference 2017

Yesterday’s Vive Developer Conference 2017 (VDC2017) in Beijing, China hosted a raft of reveals and announcements, from new hardware to software and awards:


Vive Reveals World-Scale VR Hardware

Mass market standalone headset, Vive Focus, unveiled at Beijing Developer Conference.

No Standalone Vive For The West; Lenovo It Is, Then!

HTC and Google confirms new Vive Focus hardware for Asia territory only, Lenovo Daydream hardware on track.

HTC Announces New VR Open Platform And Toolset

Vive Wave to enable developers to easily publish across multiple platforms.

HTC Partners Unity For One-Click Publishing

Viveport to integrate with Unity, including in-app payments and advertising.

HTC Launches Second Annual Viveport Developer Awards

Awards return to recognise the work of VR and AR developers around the world.

Vive Could Change The World Around Us

HTC partners with leading infrastructure firm, AECOM, to further develop VR’s applications in architecture, engineering and construction.

New Viveport Subscription Plans

HTC obviously thinks its customers are mugs, launches longer contracts with no increase in access as consumers stand to save a whopping 30p a month.

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