Oculus’ State Of The Nation Address

Oculus’ State Of The Nation Address

Jason Rubin, VP Content at Oculus, recently published a ‘state of the nation’ address on the Oculus blog

He’s rightly upbeat about the positive responses to Echo Arena, saying that the game has, “Had the best reception we’ve received on any new title” and reporting that he keeps hearing, ‘This is the killer app.’

Rubin promises that similar AAA games, “Are coming at a steady pace now, as we’re launching almost one a month between now and the end of the year.” The first of these, Sanzaru’s MARVEL Powers United VR, has already been announced with more to come.

Oculus has also started working with key developers on games for 2019, aiming to, “Increase the diversity and quality of our PC content library”.


My Wallet Hurts!

Consumers have bemoaned a perceived scarcity of quality VR games, but Rubin observes that public feedback is now shifting from cautious optimism for the future to, “The point at which there are more great games in the store than consumers have time to play.” He revealed that players have now logged more than 1.3M hours combined in the top five apps by time spent since launch.


Cut-Price Comments

Addressing the surprise sale price for Rift and Touch this summer Rubin said, “I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Price matters. Lowering the price point of high-end VR hardware is a win for consumers, a win for developers, and a win for the industry as a whole.” Some have labelled the move as desperation as the hardware platform trails the competitors but Rubin answers, “Oculus has been consistent in this messaging, and we are delivering. It takes time to make great titles. And it takes time to get pricing down. We’ve put in that time, and we’re all now ready to reap the reward.”

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