Rift Gets Roomscale

Rift Gets Roomscale

Oculus has now released update 1.15 for Rift, which includes full support for roomscale VR with three sensors. The software has been available with experimental support on the Public Test Channel since 8th May. The updated release notes now state ‘360 degree tracking with three sensors is now fully supported for sitting, standing, and roomscale play modes.’

360 degree tracking with a two-sensor set-up is still in the experimental phase.


The Release Notes For The Latest Build, 1.15


  • Improved 360° tracking and roomscale support.
  • We further improved sensor setup for multi-sensor configurations.
  • 360 degree tracking with three sensors is now fully supported for sitting, standing, and roomscale play modes.
  • 360° tracking with two sensors is still experimental. Learn more in our help center.
  • When possible, the Oculus app will now warn you when your Rift headset’s HDMI is not plugged into the most appropriate GPU – both during setup and under Settings > Devices.
  • You’ll now see a notification when antivirus software blocked the installation of an app.
  • Improved presentation of health and safety information.
  • The new user experience now includes a short video about Rift and Touch safety. After watching the video, you can choose to display health and safety reminders when entering VR.
  • You can watch the video at any time, under Settings > General in the Oculus app.


  • You can once again enter your height with zero inches when setting the floor position in VR.


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