XR Web Roundup

XR Web Roundup: October 14th

XR Web Roundup: October 14th

Every week, we share nine XR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at

1) Augmented Reality: Meet the artists creating the future of storytelling

A small but growing number of artists are combining emerging technologies with creativity to make the world a brighter place.

2) 15 Innovative Ways To Use Visual Storytelling Introduce A New Product Or Service

Ways to create a story with visual elements that will build an emotional connection with potential customers.

3) The Diverging Paths Of VR And AR

Tim Bajarin has no doubt that over the next three to five years, VR-XR and AR will evolve to be one of the most important big things in tech.

4) Squid Game Fortnite map codes: Play games from the thrilling Netflix series

Squid Game and Fortnite go mainstream with a Radio Times article.

5) VR isn't accessible enough. How can the medium's platform holders fix that?

Publishers and developers alike need to do better to include disabled players.

6) Using virtual reality to help counter domestic abuse

In immersive interventions, batterers can experience what it’s like to be attacked and learn some empathy.

7) Top Five Things Cosmetic Companies Need To Know When Adopting AI/AR Tech

Why IP matters beyond formulation and design patents, copyrights and trademarks.

8) Race, gender and representation: The grey area of the metaverse

Digital people and virtual spaces invite unlimited options for self-expression. That also means that brands should explore representation more carefully.

9) Virtual Reality Affects Children Differently Than Adults

Immersive virtual reality could disrupt a child’s default coordination strategy, researchers report.

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