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XR Web Roundup: 28th February

XR Web Roundup: 28th February

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1) How A French 16-year-old Is Teaching The World To Build VR Headsets For $100

Maxime Coutté took up the project because his interest in VR was piqued by the anime series, Sword Art Online.

2) The Transformation Of Retail Shopping With Augmented Reality

Kris Kolo, Executive Director at VR/AR Association writes for Forbes.

3) IBM And Unity Partner To Bring The Power Of AI To Developers With IBM Watson Unity SDK

The SDK makes it easy for developers to take advantage of modern AI techniques through a set of cloud-based services.

4) VR Arcades Are Hot Trend, But Consumers Want So Much More

Greenlight Insights' 2017 Virtual Reality Consumer Survey shows appetite for LBE VR.

5) Quill’s New Animation Feature Could Be Revolutionary For VR Creation

Facebook’s VR app Quill is getting a major update with animation tools that can bring hand-made creations to life.

6) Why Augmented Reality Will Be Your Next Customer Channel

CMS Wire finds our future digital interactions are destined to be augmented.

7) RoMA: Robotic 3D Printing And Augmented Reality Combine In Interactive Fabrication Platform

Cornell University researcher, Huaishu Peng, combines robotics, 3D printing and AR.

8) We Entered the World of Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archives

Sci Fi site io9 tries out fantastic VR based on book series.

9) Microsoft’s New ‘Canetroller’ Brings VR To The Visually Impaired

Microsoft recently developed a haptic controller for VR with an unusual target audience in mind: the visually impaired.

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