XR Web Roundup

XR Web Roundup: 2nd January

XR Web Roundup: 2nd January

Every week, we share nine XR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at


1) Worlds Collide: VR And AR In 2018

Engadget asks, ‘When the dust settles, what will our headsets look like?’

2) Mixed Reality Analytics Presents A Multibillion Dollar Opportunity

Venturebeat interviewed four VR and AR entrepreneurs who explain why mixed reality analytics is a rapidly emerging Software as a Service (SaaS) opportunity.

3) Best Unite Sessions Of 2017: Improving Performance And Storytelling

Unity Technologies takes a look back at the highlights from last year’s live events.


4) Hands-on: Final Cut Pro 10.4 Adds 360 VR

9TO5Mac visits Apple in New York for a demonstration of the update.


5) How To Build Audio For VR Games

Audio Director, Alex Riviere, shares his insights on creating audio for VR.

6) ‘Coco VR,’ Pixar’s Quiet Attempt To Tackle A New Medium

The Washington Post speaks to Oculus and Pixar about the Coco VR experience.

7) Augmented Reality And Mixed Reality In Aid of Conservation

Scientific American writes that beyond gaming, XR is also being used to protect wildlife.


8) VR Glasses Blur Reality Leading To Death Blow For Moscow Resident

Russian news agency, TASS, reports that a man tripped and crashed into a glass table while moving around the apartment in Virtual Reality glasses

9) How Augmented And Virtual Reality Will Reshape The Food Industry

Professional chef, Jenny Dorsey, looks at the future of food for Techcrunch.

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