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XR Web Roundup: 22nd August

XR Web Roundup: 22nd August

Every week, we share nine VR stories from around the web that caught our eyes here at


1) EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone Is Preparing For Launch 

26th September expansion adds flatscreen play, revamped ships with Ultra abilities, new maps and modes.

2) James Cameron says if he wasn’t making the Avatar films, he would be experimenting with VR

The famous director also points out that 360 videos aren’t ‘true’ VR. Skip to the 9.45 mark. 


3) BlackBerry Makes Its First Wearable Play With AR Smartglasses 

BB is teaming up with AR powerhouse Vuzix.

4) How An NFL Quarterback Is Using VR To Enhance His Technique 

The 49ers are one of six NFL teams that use STRIVR Labs as an aide in training players via VR.

5) Intu To Roll Out Pilot VR Experience In 3 Shopping Centres 

Intu is set to roll out a trial paid-for VR experience across its three of its shopping centres, allowing shoppers to interact with characters from The Emoji Movie.

6) Talking Bottles Of 19 Crimes Wine With Augmented Reality

The age of talking labels is officially here! No longer do we walk into a wine store and simply pick up a bottle of red, pay and walk out. 


7) Beyond Virtual Reality: Synthetic Reality And Our Co-Created Futures 

American academic ‘proposes’ another acronym for us to argue about: SR.

8) Virtual Reality Platform Created For Lab Animals 

Scientists have devised a virtual reality platform for lab animals.

9) How A Toronto Hospital Uses Virtual Reality To Grant Dying Patients A Last Wish 

IT consultant David Parker volunteers time and equipment to help people achieve their bucket lists.

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