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VR Web Roundup: 16th May

VR Web Roundup: 16th May

Every week, we share nine VR stories from around the web that have caught our eyes here at


1) How Microsoft Jumped on Apple’s Laptop Stumbles

“The phone is already dead,” Microsoft’s Alex Kipman said to Bloomberg.

2) Infographic: What Consumers Really Think About VR

AdWeek finds that more people planned to buy VR hardware than actually did.

3) Microsoft Patents AR/VR Glasses That Tell You What to Eat  

Why you won’t need to count your calories – your glasses will do that for you...

4) AOL: 20% Of UK Consumers Watch Weekly VR Video

Television Business International looks at the role of digital video in advertising and media consumption.

5) DEEP Breathing In Virtual Reality

Owen Harris delivers a TED talk about his VR game to ease anxiety.

6) Study: VR Twice As Effective As Morphine At Treating Pain

How companies like Firsthand Technology are using VR to ease pain for patients.

7) New App Shows Virtual Statues Of Historic Women 

CNN Tech asks why most statues of notable people are of men. 

8) How VR Porn Is Penetrating Our Minds, Erecting The Future Of Virtual Reality

Forbes speaks with PornHub about ‘penetrating’ new verticals.

9) How Intuit Changed Its Recruiting Game In 10 Days

A look at the ways VR can depict company culture to potential new hires.

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