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VR Web Roundup: 30th May

VR Web Roundup: 30th May

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1) ASUS' Tango-powered ZenFone AR will hit the US in July 

Engadget says the second Google Tango phone is the first one worth owning.

2) Oculus Founder Expects No Next-gen VR Headsets From Market Incumbents Before Mid-2018 

Palmer Luckey opens up in interview with Japan’s MoguraVR.

3) SoftBank Takes $4 Billion Stake in U.S. Chipmaker Nvidia, Sources Say 

SoftBank’s recent acquisition of a $4 billion stake in NVIDIA would make it the fourth-largest shareholder.

4) Is VR The Future of Filmmaking? 

Alice Bonasio takes time off from celeb spotting on the red carpet at Cannes to find out more about the future of film.

5) The Exciting World Of Credit Card Terminals Is Coming To VR 

Mallory Locklear is less than excited at the prospect of virtual credit cards.

6) LUMO Labs Bringing Wireless Full-Body Tracking And Dreamscape Games To VR 

The founder of the LUMO Labs accelerator program shares some works in progress with VR Scout.

7) For A Child Getting Chemo, Virtual Reality Games At Hospital Can Feel Like Disney 

The Miami Herald finds out that VR can help, “To distract you from a miserable situation and you feel better – absolutely”.

8) Virtual Reality Bursts Through The Movie Screen At Sundance 

PBS News Hour visits Utah’s Sundance Film Festival to witness how filmmakers are beginning to use the burgeoning technology.

9) STRIVR Labs Is Leveraging Virtual Reality To Train Sports Stars 

[a]list talks about the VR performance training platform, as used by NFL teams.

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